The chip of Seiun Player Pro X

sabre 9018q2c

At CES 2015 in Las Vegas,ESS announced the arrival of a new SoC (System On Chip) that integrates an audio DAC and a built-in amp ,it has low power consumption and is specially designed for mobile devices such as smartphones ,tablets and portable music players .
The new Sabre 9018Q2C is a D/A converter with support up to 384 KHz / 32 bit (DXD) and DSD up to 11.2 MHz / 1 bit . And it has a signal / noise ratio of 121dB and a harmonic distortion of just -115dB (2Vrms to 600 ohms). The headphone amplifier delivers an output of 49mW (32Ohms).
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The SABRE9018Q2C System-On-a Chip (SOC) delivers an unprecedented performance level of 121dB SNR, -115dB THD+N, at up to 49mW into 32Ω headphones making it ideal for portable products such as mobile phones, tablets, and digital music players.

Using an internal charge pump, the SABRE9018Q2C SOC operates from a single +3.3V supply to produce ground-referenced headphone outputs, eliminating pops and clicks as well as the need for large DC blocking capacitors. The ultra-low THD output switch connects headphones directly to the headphone amplifier or to auxiliary inputs for either voice communications or an alternate music source. The on-board DAC use ESS’s 32-Bit HyperStream® architecture that handles up to 32-Bit 384kHz PCM data via SLIMBus, I2S, or DSD-11.2MHz data.

Robert Wong, vice-president of marketing and worldwide sales for ESS Technology, said, “Existing mobile audio systems require a separate DAC, Headphone Amplifier, and Audio Switch with severe performance degradation. We combined all three functions into a single chip with the SABRE9018Q2C while delivering the highest performance and no degradation all the way to headphones.”

The SABRE9018Q2C SOC is sampling now in a compact 40-QFN, 5mm x 5mm, package. For further information about samples, evaluation boards or product datasheets, please contact your local ESS Sales Representative.