Experience with Pioneer NC-50DAB

I see there is not much discussion on Pioneer NC-50DAB in this forum.  So I like to share a little bit of my experience.

I recently bought a Pioneer NC-50DAB + Dali Spector 2 speakers.  I am no audiophile, so I don’t know how to put into words how good/bad the sound quality is.  But I can say that I enjoy the sound very much.  I mainly listen to pop, Jazz and soul music, no hard rock.

Here are my views:
1) cool LCD screen
2) Tidal, Spotify no problem
3) DSD64 play from NAS no problem
4) easy to setup
5) App (iOS) stable, has not crash once.
6) Using app to control Spotify was smooth and responsive
7) like the network standby feature, where I can turn on the machine using the Spotify app

1) App (iOS) no album cover art
2) Tidal integration difficult to use
3) Using app to control Tidal is sometime sluggish (may be due to I was playing HIFI quality streaming)
4) No Balance setting