inno setup檔案分割問題

小弟近排學緊inno setup,有無c兄可以教教小弟.thx!

Compression=lzma    壓縮格式
SlicesPerDisk=7   (是唔是呢個?什麼setup-x.BIN數量?但是點set都唔得)
DiskSliceSize=1566000000 (Disk設定我用左 4.7 GB recordable DVD)

最後都話我大過2,100,000,000 bytes 唔比我封裝
  1. Valid values:
  2. 1 through 26  
  3. Default value:
  4. 1  

  5. Description:
  6. The number of SETUP-*.BIN files to create for each disk. If this is 1 (the default setting), the files will be named SETUP-x.BIN, where x is the disk number. If this is greater than 1, the files will be named SETUP-xy.BIN, where x is the disk number and y is a unique letter.

  7. One reason why you may need to increase this from the default value of 1 is if the size of your disk media exceeds 2,100,000,000 bytes -- the upper limit of the DiskSliceSize [Setup] section directive. If, for example, your disk media has a capacity of 3,000,000,000 bytes, you can avoid the 2,100,000,000-byte disk slice size limit by setting SlicesPerDisk to 2 and DiskSliceSize to 1500000000 (or perhaps slightly less, due to file system overhead).
  1. [Setup]
  2. ; NOTE: The value of AppId uniquely identifies this application.
  3. ; Do not use the same AppId value in installers for other applications.
  4. ; (To generate a new GUID, click Tools | Generate GUID inside the IDE.)
  5. AppId={{2F7F5511-786C-4F48-A77E-C79571B042C0}
  6. AppName={#MyAppName}
  7. AppVersion={#MyAppVersion}
  8. ;AppVerName={#MyAppName} {#MyAppVersion}
  9. AppPublisher={#MyAppPublisher}
  10. AppPublisherURL={#MyAppURL}
  11. AppSupportURL={#MyAppURL}
  12. AppUpdatesURL={#MyAppURL}
  13. DefaultDirName={pf}\{#MyAppName}
  14. DefaultGroupName={#MyAppName}
  15. AllowNoIcons=yes
  16. LicenseFile=C:\Documents and Settings\default\My Documents\TN.txt
  17. OutputDir=K:\
  18. OutputBaseFilename=Hitman Blood Money
  19. Compression=lzma
  20. SolidCompression=yes
  21. SlicesPerDisk=7
  22. DiskSliceSize=1566000000
  23. CompressionThreads=2

  24. [Languages]
  25. Name: "english"; MessagesFile: "compiler:Default.isl"

  26. [Tasks]
  27. Name: "desktopicon"; Description: "{cm:CreateDesktopIcon}"; GroupDescription: "{cm:AdditionalIcons}"; Flags: unchecked
  28. Name: "quicklaunchicon"; Description: "{cm:CreateQuickLaunchIcon}"; GroupDescription: "{cm:AdditionalIcons}"; Flags: unchecked; OnlyBelowVersion: 0,6.1

  29. [Files]
  30. Source: "C:\Program Files\Inno Setup 5\Examples\MyProg.exe"; DestDir: "{app}"; Flags: ignoreversion
  31. Source: "L:\Game\Program Files\HitmanBloodMoney\game\Eidos\Hitman Blood Money\*"; DestDir: "{app}"; Flags: ignoreversion recursesubdirs createallsubdirs
  32. ; NOTE: Don't use "Flags: ignoreversion" on any shared system files

  33. [Icons]
  34. Name: "{group}\{#MyAppName}"; Filename: "{app}\{#MyAppExeName}"
  35. Name: "{commondesktop}\{#MyAppName}"; Filename: "{app}\{#MyAppExeName}"; Tasks: desktopicon
  36. Name: "{userappdata}\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\{#MyAppName}"; Filename: "{app}\{#MyAppExeName}"; Tasks: quicklaunchicon

  37. [Run]
  38. Filename: "{app}\{#MyAppExeName}"; Description: "{cm:LaunchProgram,{#StringChange(MyAppName, '&', '&&')}}"; Flags: nowait postinstall skipifsilent