animate SVG with Javascript

岩岩學左用CSS造了SVG animation, 但長遠還是用JS比較好,
有兩個JS Library我睇中, 一個係Snap.svg 一個係Velocity.js, 哪個較好用?

I've just found a great article on web animation technology from CSS-TRICKS.
A Comparison of Animation Technologies

According to the author, GreenSock is rated top of the list, especially for SVG.  It has extraordinarily performance, best cross-browser compatibility, and lot of plug-ins.

VelocityJS is also great for it's ease-of-use and clear documentation. But, the author questioned it's performance and maintenance in future.

Snap.svg is out of the question. Strictly speaking, it can hardly be classified as an animation library. It's only a tool to facilitate the works of SVG.