MOTO Prizm - 3MP 韓國版 ZN4

Motorola Prizm (MotoPrizm) to hit Korea as an improved Krave ZN4

How would you like a Motorola Krave ZN4 with an 840 x 480 pixels display and a 3MP camera? I’m sure you’d choose it over Verizon’s Krave, which has a display of only 400 x 240 pixels and a 2MP camera.

Wel, for South Korea, Motorola thought the US features of ZN4 are not good enough, thus it upgraded the phone and changed its name into MotoPrizm (or Motorola Prizm).

So, as I said, the Prizm has a 2.8 inch WVGA (840 x 480 pixels) touchscreen display, a 3MP camera, mobile TV capabilities, Bluetooth and probably all the other things that are packed into the original Krave.

MotoPrizm should be soon available via SK Telecom, and it seems that it’s a Korea-only affair.

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