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I just joined Smartone's unlimited data plan on Friday.

I joined the $ 238 plan since I didn't want tethering because I have wifi at work and home.

The only think I was wondering was HD Wide. I was told by the sales that I can update to $ 298 if I want to since upgrading is not a problem in a contract.

What is HD Wide? I was told that I can watch news and movies in HD.
Is that all or it there something else?

Won't watching movies heavily drain the battery? Or is it that when using HD Wide we have to carry 2 spare batteries in our bag?

Is it worth upgrading to $298 plan for HD Wide?  I don't want tethering.

Later when I joing a handset contract with Smartone tethering will be included in the unlimited data plan.

How about the other widgets for android phones that are exclusive for smartone.  How do I get those?  Is that only available for $298 plan?

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Looks like noone uses the HD Wide service.


Smartone's unlimited data plan $238
inculde plus $ 12 附加費 ?