Least expensive 21+ Mbps prepaid data package - 6 GB monthly?


Using a prepaid SIM, what is the least expensive 21+ Mbps data package, assuming 6 GB usage monthly?

Would any CHing care to recommend a card/package combination?

Ideally, MNP is permitted, but non-MNP also acceptable.

Thanks in advance!

(1) 李+x 4G全速大專PLAN:$98 6GB包隧道費,只限轉台,不做續約。

(2) 哈佬6GB,最高速度21Mb,月費$80 ($78+$2),

(1) 用家不固執速度一定要高過21Mb。

(2) 不會在地底紅、藍、綠、橙、紫線及金鐘一帶上網。



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(1) 李+x 4G全速大專PLAN:$98 6GB包隧道費,只限轉台,不做續約。

(2) 哈佬6GB,最高速度21Mb,月費$80 ( ...
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Thanks for your detailed and helpful reply.

To an extent, I may have answered my own question below. It seems that using 萬能卡 allows higher speeds, and probably less data wastage monthly, provided the user does not mind the hassle of renewing a data package near expiry (three times each year).

https://www.hkepc.com/forum/view ... age=911#pid38131951