出演:白石晴香 梶裕貴 津田健次郎 高野麻里佳 島﨑信長 小林千晃 天津向

Guest Talent:
Haruka Shiraishi - High Rise Invasion
Yuki Kaji - B: The Beginning Succession
Kenjiro Tsuda - The Way of the House Husband
Marika Kohno - Eden

MC: Mukai Tenshin

6 top tier voice actors each representing a Netflix Original Anime Series streaming in 2021 come together for a 2 Hour Talk Special! Will take a deep dive into each title and guaranteed to hear some mega-rich stories that won't be available anywhere else.


Welcome to Netflix Anime's MEGA-RICH 2021

Welcome to Netflix Anime's MEGA-RICH 2021 - YouTube

Welcome to Netflix Anime! From the hottest new releases to never-before-seen originals, this is the year of MEGA-RICH NETFLIX ANIME!