$680快看瞭望台AF網路攝影機,Headset for PC,$280 G5 Laser Mouse,$450羅技 mm50可攜式喇叭 11-6 2359完

商品名稱: 快看瞭望台AF網路攝影機
購入時間:冇保,冇單100% work私保14日 98%新,
交易方式:香港島太古MTR STATION 交收



機械式追蹤功能: 可自動隨著您的動作移動,讓您永遠保持在畫面範圍的中央。
卡爾蔡司光學鏡頭: 給您更多影像細節和清晰度,羅技和全球照相光學鏡頭領導品牌卡爾蔡司共同合作研發出特殊鏡頭。
高效能自動對焦: 讓影像永保銳利品質,即使是特寫鏡頭也毫不馬虎。
高解析度視訊: 視訊與影像達到真實960 × 720像素的史無前例水準。
更高像素效能: 真實2百萬像素感應器,可拍攝高達8百萬像素的照片(搭配軟體強化功能)
RightLight™2 技術: 具智慧型光源調整技術,可產生最佳影像,即使在微弱或背光的情況下也能擁有出色影像。
採用RightSound技術的麥克風: 享受清晰明瞭的談話,完全沒有回音和惱人的背景噪音。

Logitech 視訊特效個人化您的交談內容和使用虛擬人物與臉部造型配件,反映現在的臉部表情或情緒。使用有趣的情境變換特性增加視訊效果,如魚眼、1950年代電影、霓虹燈等等。
視訊面具: 自我轉變,新的羅技視訊面具增加您視訊通話的個性化,可以戴上蒙娜麗莎、獅子、雲層等造型的眼睛與嘴。
贈送軟體: 使用已連結HP Photosmart Essential軟體,擷取、編輯、個人化甚至印出影像。
9吋直立腳架: 將您的網路攝影機放在水平視角。
可與您喜歡的即時傳訊應用程式搭配使用: 使用QuickCam® Orbit AF與skype、windows Live Messager、Yahoo!® Messenger, AOL® Instant Messenger (AIM®)、及其他相容即時傳訊應用程式搭配使用。

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是ip cam 嗎? 有冇spec 睇睇?


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是ip cam 嗎? 有冇spec 睇睇?

Experience the ultimate in video-calling freedom.

Overview Specifications Overview
Enjoy image-perfect detail and clarity plus motorized tracking. Carl Zeiss® optics and autofocus keep images razor sharp, even in extreme close-ups.

Motorized tracking: Automatically follows your every move, keeping you right in the middle of the picture.
Carl Zeiss® optics: Get more detail and clarity from Logitech’s glass lens designed in collaboration with Carl Zeiss, the global leader in camera optics.
Premium autofocus: Your images stay razor sharp, even in closeups.
HD video: Video and images have never looked so real at 960 by 720 pixels.
Higher-megapixel performance: A true 2-megapixel sensor, with up to 8-megapixel* photos (enhanced).
RightLight™ 2 Technology: Adjusts intelligently to produce the best possible images in dim or poorly backlighted settings.
Integrated microphone with RightSound™ Technology: Enjoy crystal clear conversations, free from annoying background noise.

Convenience and Style
Logitech® Video Effects™: Personalize your conversations with hundreds of avatars and face accessories that mirror expressions and motion. Use Fun Filters to add playful photographic effects such as fisheye, ‘50s Movie Reel, neonize, and more.
Video Masks: Transform yourself. New Logitech Video Masks add personality to your video calls. Pair your eyes and mouth with the Mona Lisa, a lion, clouds, and much more.
Bonus software: Use bundled HP Photosmart Essential software to capture, edit, customize, and print images.
9-inch stand: Brings the webcam up to eye level.
Works with your favorite IM application: Use QuickCam® Orbit AF with Skype™, Windows Live™ Messenger, Yahoo!® Messenger, AOL® Instant Messenger (AIM®), and other popular instant messaging applications.

Elevate the Power of Windows Vista™

* Interpolated from native 2-megapixel sensor
System Requirements
Windows® XP
Pentium® 4 (or compatible) processor, 1.4 GHz (2.4 GHz recommended)
128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended)
200 MB available hard disk space
16-bit color display adapter
Windows®-compatible sound card and speakers (full-duplex sound card recommended)
USB port
CD-ROM drive
Windows Vista™
Pentium® 4 (or compatible) processor, 2.4 GHz (2.8 GHz recommended)
512 MB RAM (1 GB recommended)
200 MB available hard disk space
16-bit color display adapter
Windows®-compatible sound card and speakers (full-duplex sound card recommended)
USB port
CD-ROM drive
Technical Specifications
Carl Zeiss® optics
Autofocus system
Ultra-high resolution 2-megapixel sensor with RightLight™ 2 Technology
Color depth: 24-bit true color
Video capture: Up to 1600 by 1200 pixels (HD quality)
Frame rate: Up to 30 frames per second
Still-image capture: 8 megapixels (with software enhancement)
Built-in microphone with RightSound™ Technology
Note: System recommendations apply to use of Logitech® RightLight™ 2, RightSound™, Video Effects™, or Fun Filters.
Package Contents
Logitech® QuickCam® Orbit AF
9-inch eye-level stand
USB cable (6-feet)
QuickCam® Software CD, including:
Logitech® QuickCam® applications—Logitech® Video Effects™, one-click video e-mail, QuickCapture for photos, webcamming software Applications for Windows®—Windows Live™ Messenger, Skype™ with free full-screen video calling, video-enabled AIM®, Yahoo!® Messenger with free video calling

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ClearChat Comfort USB™

商品名稱: ClearChat Comfort USB™
購入時間:冇保,冇單100% work私保14日 98%新,
交易方式:香港島太古MTR STATION 交收

Comfort and digital sound in a versatile headset.
Extend your comfort with a padded headband and ear pads.

A rotating, noise-canceling microphone reduces background chatter, and convenient in-line volume and mute controls let you adjust audio on the fly.

Adjustable, padded headband and plush ear pads: Ensure a comfortable fit.

Control and Convenience
Noise-canceling microphone: Reduces background noise for clear conversation and voice commands. Microphone rotates out of the way when you’re listening to music or watching a movie.
In-line volume and mute controls: Instantly adjust headset volume or mute the microphone.
Advanced digital USB: Experience superior sound clarity with the simplicity of a single USB plug-and-play connection.

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ClearChat Premium Headset for PC

商品名稱: ClearChat Premium Headset for PC
購入時間:冇保,冇單100% work私保14日 98%新,
交易方式:香港島太古MTR STATION 交收

Maximize your sound and minimize your audio accessories. Let this premium headset be your go-to solution for PC, MP3 and more.

Overview Specifications Overview
Clear Audio Quality
Stereo Sound: Hear full, rich movies, music, games and calls.
Noise-Cancelling Mic: Block unwanted background noise.
Keep it simple.

USB Plug: Go beyond your PC.
Swing-Out Microphone: Move it out of the way to enjoy the audio.
Inline Controls: Adjust volume and mute with soft-touch controls.
You'll hardly know it's there.

Rubberized Headband: Get a snug, comfortable fit.
Soft Foam Earpads: Enjoy the extra soft touches.

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G5 Laser Mouse with 2 Thumb Buttons

商品名稱: G5 Laser Mouse with 2 Thumb Buttons
購入時間:冇保,冇單100% work私保14日 98%新,
交易方式:香港島太古MTR STATION 交收

Tune for game domination.

Adjustable weight cartridge: Use up to 36 grams of weight to customize your mouse with a heft and balance that’s just right for your game.
Adjustable sensitivity: Shift from pixel-precise targeting to lightning-fast maneuvers, without pausing the action. The G5 gives you instant access to three sensitivity levels—400, 800, and 2000 dpi—before driver installation.
2000 dpi laser engine: Experience the blinding speed and unequaled response of a 6.4 megapixels/second image processor.

Full-speed USB: Get blazing speed and instant acceleration from up to 500 reports/second; bidirectional connection.

Right-handed comfort grip: Enjoy a natural grip that won’t fatigue you.
Polytetrafluoroethylene feet: Forget sticky workarounds—these low-friction feet glide effortlessly across almost any surface.

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Logitech 羅技 $450 mm50 可攜式喇叭 (mm50 Portable Speakers) 附無線遙控器

Logitech 羅技  mm50 可攜式喇叭 (mm50 Portable Speakers) 附無線遙控器 ~~

商品名稱: Logitech 羅技  mm50 可攜式喇叭 (mm50 Portable Speakers) 附無線遙控器
購入時間:冇保,冇單100% work私保14日 95%新,
交易方式:香港島太古MTR STATION 交收

可充電式設計搭配深沈的低音效果,頂級效能的 iPod® 專用喇叭。

特色 : iPod 專用, 旅行用收納盒, 無線遙控功 能




Max-X™ 高頻單體:精簡的造型能發出豐厚、一致的音質。
3 吋音壓單體:針對低音表現進行優質化,並減少失真情形。
3D 立體聲:更廣闊的立體聲音效,完整包圍您的四周。


充電底座:可一邊聆聽一邊為 iPod 充電。
10 小時可充電式鋰離子電池:充電式設計讓您聽的更久,不需再購買電池。

適用於 MP3 播放器與第 1/2/3 代 iPod。不包含 iPod。iPod 是 Apple Computer, Inc. 在美國及其他國家的註冊商標。

支援所有含有底座連接器的 iPod (包括 iPod photo 和 iPod mini)
適用於無底座連接器的 iPod 之輔助輸入端子

mm50 可攜式喇叭
國際電壓 AC 電源轉換器 (100-240V)

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