Logitech Deluxe 660 Cordless Desktop 920-000492 兩套 (4-9-09 23:59 End)

Logitech Deluxe 660 Cordless Desktop Combo: Cordless Keyboard and Cordless Optical Mouse, RoHS, P/N: 920-000492.
Accessible and affordable cordless technology for all PCs.

Providing easy access to the wealth of features in all editions of Windows Vista, the Logitech Deluxe 660 Cordless Desktop is ideal for bundling with any PC.

All keyboard functions, including the Calculator, E-mail, and Internet hot keys, work right out of the box; no software installation is required. The Deluxe 660 Cordless Desktop is powered by a stylish, black 800 dpi optical mouse with 3D tilt wheel convenience.

As the world’s leading provider of cordless peripherals, Logitech once again demonstrates its dedication to innovation, quality, and dependability for system builders.


World-famous Logitech quality and durability standards
Fully compatible with all editions of Windows Vista
Microsoft Windows Start key
Spill-resistant design
800 dpi cordless optical mouse with 3D Tilt


Windows Vista qualified: Microsoft Windows Start key
Soft-touch key frame: 104 or 105
Connectivity: USB
Cable length: 1.8 m
Colour: black
Sensor: Optical 800 dpi
Print: Laser, silk screen
Functionality: Calculator, E-mail, Internet, Play/Pause, Mute, Volume -, Volume +, Tilt Wheel Plus Zoom

System Requirements:

Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista Home Premium
USB port

Package Contents:

Cordless keyboard
Cordless optical mouse
USB RF receiver with 1.8 m cable

100% new
$110 Start bid , $10 each, EAT $150

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