(Sell) Playstation 3 160GB (HK Version) with extra stuff (end 1/9/2009 6:00pm)

I have a PS3 160GB Model (HK version) for sale.

With 160GB model you can store more game demos, full game, movies etc.  

Model No: CECHP12   
Bought from Sony Style on 25-1-2009
I have the full boxset with invoice.  The console is still under warranty.
Warranty expiry = 24-4-2010 (got 1 year warranty + 90 days free extension warranty)
Everything in good condition.

I am going to sell it with 1 Game (Little Big Planet) and 1 extra Original Sony wireless controller (not the Dual Shock 3 model).

Starting Bid = $1800
Fast Trade = $2000

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Push for final round of offers.