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This package consists of 2 devices : TRANSMITTER and RECEIVER

A. Transmitter
   - act as stand-alone PC USB external soundcard with line-out and headphone out
   - applying the X-Fi treatment to any sound that passes through it (upscaled to 24-bit)
   - when using Line-in input (eg. connecting with MP3 player), AC adaptor is needed and included

B. Receiver
   - powered by an AC adapter and has line-level RCA and 1/8-inch outputs

- Both modules have buttons for play/pause, track forward, and track back as well as a large volume-control knob.
- Each comes with a separate remote

Conditions :
- look like new
- 1.5 years old, hong goods but no warranty left
- come w/ original packing, never-use remote controls, manual and all accessories

Official website :
http://hk.creative.com/products/ ... 8&product=16186

Photos :

Manual & Driver :
http://support.creative.com/Prod ... odfaq:PRODFAQ_16186,VARSET=CategoryID:209

START : $550
EACH BID : $20
EAT : $650
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Comments capture from Amazon :

"You have to experience this to appreciate it. It really does make your music sound better. Sometimes the improvement is more subtle than at other times, but the quality X-Fi provides really shines when you connect the receiver end of the Xmod Wireless to a good set of speakers that you might have in your theater or family room. "

"Cool things about the package overall. The range is great and there is no lag. Plus, it just works. You don't need to have your own network or anything running already. Just turn on the receiver and transmitter and away you go, nothing to fuss with. If you do have a network running, this won't interfere with it at all. I think both units are stylish as well. They fit right in with high end equipment and they are pretty small. "

"I don't really have any negatives other than the price, but I still think it's worth it. Sonos has products with similar features that cost up to $1000. Xmod Wireless gives you what you need with better audio technology for a lot less. It would also be nice to have a small display on the receiver unit so you can see what you are browsing. "