[SELL] Minix mx- 07 itx case, GE-R460-V1 PSU (2010-02-26, 23:00 END)

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Item 1
sell 100% new Minix MX07 ITX case
W200mm x H166mm x D303mm, 3.5HDD bay x 1, 5.25ODD bay x 1, fornt ports: USBx2, Audiox2,
with 150W power supply, exhaust fan.
boxset, copied invoice, purchased in Dec. from Centralfield, complimentray gift from J&W promotion

EAT price only: $150
MINIX by GR8609 c-hing   交收左

Item 2
sell 100% new  GE-R460-V1 PSU
Model: GE-R460-V1
Cable: SATA x 4, PCI-E (6-pin) x 1
12 cm cooling fan
active PFC

http://www.gigabyte.com.tw/Produ ... ctName=Superb%20460

Can supply CPU TDP of up to 65W.  (i.e.: AMD Athlon II X2 class CPU.)
Bought it in August last year at HK computer show but realized I would like a gaming PC, so it has been sitting idly, NIB.  The package was opened so to place the warranty sticker.  Still have receipt and everything.  Orginal was $270.  Warranty by Synnex until 08/2012.

Eat price only: $200.
Can deliver to MTR stations along East Rail.

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item 2
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