[Resell] 100% new Kingston DDR2 667 RAM (End 13-9-11 23:00)

Kingston DDR2 667 RAM  1GB x 2 pieces (i.e. 2GB in total)
Code on the label: KVR667D2N5/1G
                             PC2-5300 CL5
- got replacement from ViewKing about 5 weeks ago (can show you the document if needed)
- never "open packing" so it's 100% new
- Lifetime Warranty by ViewKing (can give you the invoice if needed)
- for RMA, no need to show invoice   
- you just need to show the packing with ViewKing's Label
- the staff will check the "golden pins" of the RAM to make sure it isn't "artificial damage"

$10 per bid
Eat: $160

Trade in North Point area (most of the time) or
Tsim Sha Tsui near Harbour City-The Gateway (Mon/Wed 11:xx-12:xx) or
Causeway Bay near Hang Lung Ctr (Fri 12:xx-13:00)

Last time the winner didn't reply and has been punished by the Moderator.
So if "you" win this auction, please pm me as soon as possible!

請問是正常高度ram or 矮身ram ?