Cisco 831 Router (2011-9-16 end)

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85%新 , 100% Work, 連COM Console CABLE和代用火牛.
(注意: 火牛是普通的16V DC 900mA 火牛, 換過插頭)

開始 $130
即食 $150


Processor: Motorola RISC
Default DRAM* Memory: 64 MB
Maximum DRAM Memory: 80 MB
Default Flash* Memory: 12 MB
Maximum Flash Memory: 24 MB
WAN: 10BASE-T Ethernet
LAN: Four-port 10/100BASE-T with autosensing MDI/MDX for autocrossover
Console Port: This port can be configured to behave as an auxiliary port (virtual AUX supports modem control for dial backup and out-of-band management)

C-Hing, can you post the spec of the router? ( Flash size, RAM size, etc.)