Monster® SuperTips™ Foam / Gel / Sample Kit Set (end-22-5-2012 23:00)

Improved bass response and greater clarity.
Exclusive constrained layer dampening technology.
Improved seal for greater noise isolation.
Super comfortable for hours of listening.
Includes every size of SuperTips so you can find your perfect size and type.

Item1: Monster® SuperTips™ Foam - Size S (Total: 2 盒)
每盒 EAT: $280 - 1a & 1b

Item2: Monster® SuperTips™ Gel - Size S (Total: 2 盒)
每盒 EAT: $280 - 2a & 2b

Item3: Monster® SuperTips™ Sample Kit (Total: 3 盒)
每盒 EAT: $180 - 3a, 3b & 3c

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用monster supertips 比comply 耳綿隔音效果更好, 舒適服貼且固定性高.