TEC Sound 2.1 Subwoofer Stereo speakers [4-Aug-2012 END]

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CPT-400SX Subwoofer System with 2 Satellite Stereo speakers and 2 stands

Features :

l          Powerful MultiMedia Subwoofer with 2 satellite speaker units
l          Magnetically shielded
l          Built-in Amplifier
l          Super Bass Control
l          Stereo Earphone Jack


Amplifier section
Power output: Total: 30W (Satellite Speakers: 5W+5W, Woofer: 20W)
Input terminals: 3.5mm stereo jack
Input sensitivity/Impedance: 0.5V/47 kilohms

Power output: 20W
Frequency reponse: 40Hz – 250Hz
Speaker type: Bass reflex type
Speaker unit: 3” x 1 (magnetically shielded type)

Satellite speaker
Power output: 4.5W + 4.5W (4ohms, T.H.D. 10% 1 KHz) Reference
Frequency response: 250Hz – 20,000Hz
Speaker type: Sealed – box type
Speaker unit: 3” x 2 (magnetically shielded type)

Common section
Power requirement: AC110V – 120V or 220V-230V, 50/60Hz 40W
Power consumption: 40W
Supplied accessories: Connecting cord (1), Speaker stands (2)

Dimension (WxHxD):
Main Body: 120 x 190 x 140mm
Speaker: 90 x 150 x 85mm


80% new, 100% work
即食: HK$80
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即食: HK$80


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