[NAS] QNAP TS-451+ 2GB ram (99% new) [7/Feb END]

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a. 物品名稱 --- QNAP TS-451+ 2GB ram
b. 數量 --- 1
c. 即食價 --- $3100
d. 底價(等同最低出售價) --- $2800
e. 每口叫價 --- $10
f. 保養期 --- 購於 28-Jan-2020, 2 年行保養
g. 貨品的工作性能及包含的配件 --- 功能正常, Full packing, 有盒有單
h. 交收方式/地點 /期限 --- MTR 荃灣/觀塘沿線

附件: 您需要登錄才可以下載或查看附件。沒有帳號?註冊

Why you sell it so quick?


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Why you sell it so quick?
cfl1008 發表於 2020-2-3 16:06

   My old NAS (TS451) is out of service. So I bought this TS451+ to recover the data from hard disks from old NAS. As I transfered the data to another NAS, I sell the TS451+ now.


price dropped