Intel Quad s (低電壓) vs non s (非低電壓)

1.   The Series  of Q8400 and Q9400 have 2 version and the price around $300-    $400,    worth to buy these version ? any advantages in performance? (except the usage of power).

2.  If wanna to use DDR3 version, any version mother board will be the best? ($1200)
     (Not for play online game mainly for HD play back video editing.

Ths your advice!

1. 除耗電外,冇分別,要砌4核既ITX,先至明白"s"既重要性


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ths for your advice!
Could you advise  what is " 4核既ITX" ?


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4核ITX即係ITX format 既PC 用上4核CPU

例如Zotac GF9300 ITX MB加MX-07 ITX case 用上Q9550s