ask for suggestion of server configuration

Server in the SME Office :
P4 2.4G  Intel 865GV desktop motherboard, 320G 7x24 HD
running Windows 2003 SBS (15 users)                     
with ~10 concurrent users(max),
ftp (~3-4 concurrent user) upload and download from China back office
WAMP mysql maintain 2-3 in house application

Performance should be just ok (bottlenecked by internet brandwidth)
since the server in a very small case run for the past 6 years (time to retire )
it is time to upgrade
Any suggestion, I buy a I3-530 and found it not too suitable(should be for overlock).

1. Budget(hardware) around HK$6-7K
    I will not buy from those brandname, (i have experience with HP [entry level])  
    I want reliability and cost effective within such budget, HP,dell, way
2. My first thought
    Intel server board                                           ~2-3K
    Intel Xeon                                                      ~1.5-2K
    Cosair DDR3-1333 2Gx2                                    ~900
    Hard Disk (WD RE3 24x7 500G) x2                       ~1K
    Power ? Cosair 400W                                       
    Case (Cooler Master)                                        ~0.8K

3. I concern about heat because (summer at night with no air conditioning)
    and backup work usually completed in mid-night.

Ching, anyone has experience with server
pls share you experience, there is a no of Intel server board
and I cannot figure out which board and CPU to use????
PLs help and suggest!!!

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回復 2# ds9flo

brother, the poster has stated his overall budget is around $6k to $7k. I afraid purchasing an additional SAS RAID card and three SAS HDD would greatly exceed his budget.


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1.        Intel Quad Core Xeon X3440 2.53G (1333FSB,8M,Socket 1156) BOX         HK$ 1775
2.        INTEL S3420GPLC intel 3420 Quad Core Xeon Server Board        HK$ 2180
3.        Corsair XMS3 CMX4GX3M2A1600C9 DDR3 1600 4G Kit (2Gx2)        HK$ 950       
4.        WD Caviar Raid 500GB 5002ABYS SATA II/16MB HDD (RE3 / 7x24)        HK$ 490        X 3 = HK$ 1470
5.        Plextor PX-880SA 24X DVD Writer /Light Scribe/SATA HK$ 247        1        HK$ 247
6.        DELTA ServerPower 550W GPS-550ABA CO3 火牛        HK$ 580
7.        COOLER MASTER CA-RC690 Dominator ATX Case        HK$ 530       

ching I personally prefer buying 3 HDDs to run RAID5, to gain both data redundancy, and speed enhancement.

I pickup an DVD+-RW in the list as most applications and OS use DVD/CD as the installation medium, and more important, it is inexpensive.

The CA-RC690 case has various fan installation placement sites, so it may be beneficial for case's interior air-flow. You may have a look at this:

At final, Intel INTEL S3420GPLX MB has more functionalities like management hardware, SAS, and has more expansion slots than INTEL S3420GPLC, but it sells for HK$ 2,860.00 at jumbo, so I leave it for your own determination.


回復 4# alexanderman

Thank you for your response and advise
what is the good point to use socket 1156 over the 755
I know it is a silly question
but just want to clarify

and why other board price may be from $2k to $4k
what special

for Raid 5, I hear that (tomshardware)
unless you are serious and buy from LSI and adaptec (>4K and very hot!!)
there is no advantage for those cheap raid 5 card (~1-2k)
better stick with intel on board ichxxr
any experience

is management hardware and SAS important
for the 10-20 staff SME

Sorry for so much queries
I just want to upgrade and move the hardware upto entry enterprise level
(so I don;t want to use desktop MB for server anymore)
and when resource/budget allow, scale up then

I hope you understand my position and can leave me some advise


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回復 5# tsm

Thanks for your replies, too.

First, as socket 775 now goes faded out gradually, so I suggest you advancing to socket 1156 or socket 1366 instead, for more flexible future upgrade options. Furthermore, socket 1156 CPU should be better than in memory performance, benefited from the improved memory controller; and the Xeon X3440 (or above) supports hyper-threading, while most of the socket 775 core 2 duo based CPU does not.  

I am not familiar in server products market, but as far as I know, the Intel MB which I suggested is actually in entry products in her server product line, while they usually support single physical CPU only. While the more advanced products may support more; and those products usually put emphasis on more enterprise-level features which is optional for entry-level server.

The Intel ICHXR series is pretty good for her I/O performance, it is sufficient for workstation and entry-level server.

If you wanna go for SAS, I suggest you buying Intel S3420GPLX, as it provides options to insert an optional SAS module, and this motherboard is fairly inexpensive among its counterparts.


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回復 6# alexanderman

noted and thanks
i think your suggestion is really good and constructive
and I will probably go with your choice
except the delta power
is that that good, better than cosair ..


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回復 7# tsm

even though the delta PSU (GPS series) imported by Synnex is inferior than delta's own DPS series (available only for OEM), I believe the quality is good enough, but it may be little bit expensive. As I am unfamiliar with PSU, I can not comment them.

Actually choosing Delta is my personal brand choice. You may buy other brand as you wish, which I recommended max. continuous output should be equal to or greater than 500W, have 24+8 ATX pin, and an 80-plus certificate (but not required to find 80-gold ones, ordinary 80-plus ones are enough).


I think you probably already know, but just as a friendly reminder, please include some data backup solution for your office server, e.g. daily backup of important data to external removable harddisk.  

Besides, off-site data backup, e.g. daily ZIP and password protect and then file transfer of important data to an off-site server may also be considered in case disaster, e.g. fire or water leakage happens to your primary office, rendering your primary server and on-site data backup inoperable.

You may also consider using your old server as a standby server in case your primary server fails.


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I think you probably already know, but just as a friendly reminder, please include some data backup  ...
onc999 發表於 2010/5/5 00:05

Yeah, onc999 is right. Tsm, you may take daily Incremental backup and weekly full backup to external media like external HDD, usb thumb drive, DVD or tape, to avoid the whole data loss when the hardware of whole server is ruined.

In addition, rsync in Linux or Volume Shadow Copy may assist you for off-site backup.