CF 後06 分上升,但game fps 不升反跌 ?

CF 既係4890
game 係 bf:bc2
單卡行 1080 all medium 4x ,fps 5x~6x
cf左就得番 fps 3x~5x
06 由單卡 14xxx > cf 18xxx
config : E8500 4gb win7 32bit ccc10.4 乜都冇超

即是話BC2 唔多支援CF ?


3D MARK 係用黎跑分~


CF 既係4890
game 係 bf:bc2
單卡行 1080 all medium 4x ,fps 5x~6x
cf左就得番 fps 3x~5x
06 由單卡 14xx ...
simon 發表於 2010-5-7 08:35

BF. BC2 does support Xfire
I previous 2x5850 had no problems with it at all
I'm not terribly sure what is the problem
But here might be some of it

1) Did  you download the Crossfire Profiles for CCC?
2) What is the Speed of the PCI-E lines are you running at? Both at x16/x16? x8/x8 or x16/x4?
3) Try reinstalling your drivers, clean them first with Driver Sweeper, Crossfire tends to be really picky about drivers
4) Try overclocking your CPU, with a E8500, your cpu is becomming a bottleneck
5) BF BC2 likes more cpu cores, so more cores=better performance
7) Check and see if your computer is running the whole ram space, because Windows likes to screw up sometimes. This is what happened to me before: Windows 64bit, 6gb ram installed, windows only states "6gb installed, 2gb avalible" which really screws up the frames to under 20fps, after taking the ram out and re-insert and reboot, windows goes back to normal "6gb installed, 6gb avalible"

I had the same problem with Just Cause 2, 60 frames single 5850, 30 frames 2x5850, I just did a driver sweep and reinstalled, then it was fine

Hope this helps


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回復 5# Impure

1) 有D/L,裝左但唔知點用 ?  剛從網上找到一個叫ATI CrossFire Xtension v1.4 ,係咪同一原理既工具?
2) 用P45板,睇 manual 同用gpu-z check 都係行 x8/x8
3) 我已經由10.3 > 10.4> uninstall 10.4 > 再install 10.4
4) 一張卡時由3.16gb 超到 3.8左右,fps 真係多左 7~8,CF 左怕system 唔穩定就冇超~
5) q9550/9650 好貴......
7) 我記得第一晚CF左開BC2,入到GAME會彈個sys 信息話我唔夠記憶體之類,要我關上bc2,但我冇理佢,因為睇taskm,記憶體起碼仲有一點幾激 ! 係最後uninstall driver 再裝過就冇再出現~
今晚再試下,唔得我就聽日重裝win7 ,上64bit 睇下如何~


另外 crossfire bridge cable 插一條同兩條及插前定後係咪冇分別?




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另外 crossfire bridge cable 插一條同兩條及插前定後係咪冇分別?
simon 發表於 2010-5-7 12:21

One is enough, some people say that 2 increases by a little, some say 2 decreases by a little
=.= I'd just stick with one


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回復  Impure

1) 有D/L,裝左但唔知點用 ?  剛從網上找到一個叫ATI CrossFire Xtensio ...
simon 發表於 2010-5-7 12:15

1) Xfire profiles just have to be installed, if you want to make sure it really is installed, go to the installed folder where xfire profiles are and run the Registry file and it manually adds it to the windows registry
2) Go check your settings in BF BC2, turn off Vsync if you have it enabled
3) In the resolution options, try switching between 59hz and 60hz example 1920x1080 60hz to 1920x1080 59hz
3) Make sure your game is running in Fullscreen mode, xfire only works in Fullscreen if it isn't, press ALT+ENTER to make it fullscreen
4) In CCC, Catalyst Control Center, go the the 3D option and find ATI Catalyst™ A.I. and set it to advance and see if it helps, it should normally be at normal


底板用過 gigabyte p965-ds4 (16x+4x) ,bc2 會時快(4x)時慢(1x),睇都睇到頭暈,尋晚換上 ep45-ds4 (8x+8x),維持係 3x~4x

1) 今晚check
2) 已經冇開vsync
3) 59同60 有分別?  不過我肯定係59。
     我係就玩緊windows mode......我個mon係1920x1200,行1080 windows mode,方便睇到msn 嘛......
4) 即是set AA,AF 果度? 除左兩項可以話係GAME入面做調節的,其他我都SET做performance