Benchmarkings of Sapphire 7970 OC dual x, new pics

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Hi guys, me first thread here.

Just set up a computer with this 7970. The BF3 did not run as smooth as I thought at the beginning, with around 46 to 75 and average 55 FPS in game play with all settings maxed out at 1920X1080. Tried to OC it with CCC, and it raised the 3Dmark 11 P sore from 8873 to 8939 and 5 more FPS in BF3. But the card could only work stable at 1025MHz (other wise crashes with in 2 min in BF3 when OC over 1050MGhz).

By installing the 8.951.0.0 driver, the card performance boosted quit a lot, and I could run the card at 1100MHz now, with an average 73 (65-130) FPS in BF3 , and P9337 points in 3Dmark 11. But still when I tried to run it at 1125, the card driver crashed.

So is this normal for this card? I did a bit search on the internet finding that it might be the core voltage was not high enough. But I did read posts about people OCing their 7970s with CCC to 1125MHz without problem.

I then tried to use the trixx issued by sapphire to tweak the card, and before I started anything, I found that the preset core voltage of this Sapphire 7970 dual x was higher than the normal 7970 cards (1.170v vs 1.135v). Without any experience of tweaking the gpu voltage, I searched online finding that some pro OCer OCed their card to 1.3v, 1260MHz. I tried gingerly to raise the voltage from 1.17v to 1.20v, and wahlah, the 1125MHz finally worked with a P9490 3Dmark11 score.

Sorry for the wall of words, but my questions are, is this normal that the Sapphire 7970 OC dual x demands more voltage to shine? And what is a practical safe everyday gaming voltage for a 7970? Is 1.2v too high? The temps are about 65 degree when running at 1125MHz with the fan speed on auto(for some reason always stays at 20%).


bf3 avg 55 fps + not enough ?
need more ? suggest change cpu


Thanks for the suggestion. My CPU is 3960X, wondering when will the Ivy Bridge extreme CPU be released.


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I don't think your card has any problem.

If you are caring the headroom of overclocking the card, it is just depends on the quality of the chip in your card, no one will guarantee how far you can overclock it.
I suggest you buy one more 7970 to run in cross-fire, it will significantly improve the overall performance, no bottleneck should be appear with your 3960X.

Ivy bridge-E will be hit the market at around Q3-4 in 2013.


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Thanks for the reply. I guess I will be crossfiring in couple of months when the price drops a bit and the driver is more efficient.


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At 1025MHZ, 1575MHZ memory, CPU at 4250MHZ
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At 1125MHZ, 1575MHZ memory, CPU at 3900MHZ
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And my submission to the,


CPU i7 3960X@4375MHz
RAM 1666MHz / 9-9-9-24
Sapphire Dual-X HD7970 1225MHz GPU, 1600MHz memory, 1.225v voltage
Driver Version: 12. 3
3DMark11 Score: P10193
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Nice card ! but I think your scores are already very good.


Cheers! If only they have better driver for cf and bf3~~~~~~. I'm running 1100MHz currently for normal gaming/bf3. Under full HD ultra, it is actually at least as good as stock-clock 680 in terms of FPS. The 680 has a higher stock clock though and plus 100MHZ boost.