Geforce 320.18 WHQL Driver (更新: driver有鑊氣!)

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27/5更新: driver有鑊氣! 更新後可能會有不同程度既破圖(bf3, ac3) 或blue screen. 詳情請睇nvidia forum.

「戰慄深隧: 最後光芒 (Metro: Last Light)」最佳遊戲設定盡在 GeForce Experience,讓您盡情享受 NVIDIA PhysX 特效及 DirectX 11 曲面細分。

Includes the production release of GeForce Experience (version 1.5) as an optional installation. GeForce Experience replaces NVIDIA Update as the easiest way to keep your drivers up to date.

GeForce R320 版本中的新特性:

提升效能 – 使用 GeForce 400/500/600 系列 GPU 遊玩多款電腦遊戲,與搭配 314.22 WHQL 認證驅動程式比較時,效能最高提升 20%。提升效果視 GPU 和系統組態而定。以下為測試的提升效果範例:
GeForce GTX 660:
「大地長征: 好戲上場 (Dirt: Showdown)」最高提升 20%
「古墓奇兵 (Tomb Raider)」最高提升 18%
戰慄深隧: 最後曙光 (Metro: Last Light)」最高提升 10%
「星海爭霸 2 (StarCraft II)」最高提升 8%
「狙擊之神 2 (Sniper Elite V2)」最高提升 6%
「戰慄深隧 (Metro 2033) 」最高提升 6%
「極地戰嚎 3 (Far Cry 3)」最高提升 6%
「駭客入侵:人類革命 (Deus Ex: Human Revolution) 」最高提升 6%
「F1 2012」最高提升 5%
GeForce GTX 660 SLI:
「大地長征: 好戲上場 (Dirt: Showdown)」最高提升 17%
「古墓奇兵 (Tomb Raider)」最高提升 18%
戰慄深隧: 最後曙光 (Metro: Last Light)」最高提升 9%
「刺客教條 3 (Assassin's Creed III)」最高提升 9%
「星海爭霸 2 (StarCraft II)」最高提升 7%
「極地戰嚎 3 (Far Cry 3)」最高提升 6%
「駭客入侵:人類革命 (Deus Ex: Human Revolution) 」最高提升 6%
「戰地風雲 3 (Battle Field 3)」最高提升 6%
「生化奇兵: 無限之城 (BioShock Infinite)」最高提升 5%
「F1 2012」最高提升 5%
SLI 技術
新增「Alien Fear」的 SLI 設定檔
新增「荒野雙蛟龍: 槍神 (Call of Juarez: Gunslinge)」的 SLI 設定檔
新增「死亡之島: 激流 (Dead Island: Riptide)」的 SLI 設定檔
新增「龍劍 (Dragon Sword)」的 SLI 設定檔
新增「絕冬城 (Neverwinter)」的 SLI設定檔
新增「極地戰嚎3: 血龍 (Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon)」的SLI設定檔
新增「極速房車賽: 街頭賽車 2 (GRID 2)」的 SLI 設定檔
新增「Human Head 2」的 SLI 設定檔
新增「記憶駭客 (Remember Me)」的 SLI 設定檔
新增「陰屍路: 生存遊戲 (The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct)」的 SLI 設定檔
更新「物競天擇 2 (Natural Selection 2)」的 SLI 設定檔
更新「惡靈古堡 6 (Resident Evil 6)」的 SLI 設定檔
更新「賽車遊樂園 2: (Trackmania 2: Canyon)」的 SLI 設定檔


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Good, with XP support


回復 6# zgmfx12a

Operating System        Windows 7 64-bit
Windows 8 64-bit
Windows Vista 64-bit



GeForce Experience~~


320.00 -> 320.18 Changes and Fixed

Windows Vista/Windows 7 Fixed Issues

 [GeForce GTX 670][S.T.A.L.K.E.R. – Call of Prypiat]: There is rendering corruption in the game. [1280867]
 [SLI][GeForce GTX Titan][ArmA III]: There is corruption in the game when FXAA is enabled.[1279518]
 [NVIDIA Control Panel]: The NVIDIA Control Panel incorrectly reports the GPU IRQ as “0”. [1225823]
 [Fermi-class GPUs]: The maximum GPU clock is limited to 999MHz when overclocked. [1282233]
 [X-Plane 10]: The game hangs while loading. [1279387]
 [GeForce GTX Titan][Metro 2033]: The application crashes to a blank screen. [1269126]
 [GeForce GTX Titan/GTX 680][Battlefield 3]: The game flickers after loading the map“Scrapmetal” from a multiplayer server. [1268924]
 [Hitman:Absolution]: Blue-screen crash occurs when playing the game.[1261002]
 The Windows 7 Magnifier window flickers. [1058231]
 Games default to stereoscopic 3D mode after installing the driver.[1261633]
 [GeForce 330M][Notebook]: The display goes blank when rebooting the notebook after installing the driver. [1239252]
 [Crysis 3]: There are black artifacts in the game. [1251495]
 [Dirt 3]: When ambient occlusion is enabled, there is rendering corruption in the game while in split-screen mode.[1253727]
 [3DTV Play][Mass Effect]: The NVIDIA Control Panel “override antialiasing” setting does not work when stereoscopic 3D is enabled [1220312]
 [Microsoft Flight Simulator]: Level D Simulations add-on aircraft gauges are not drawn correctly. [899771]
 [GeForce 500 series][Stereoscopic 3D][Two World 2]: The application crashes when switching to windowed mode with stereoscopic 3D enabled. [909749]
 [GeForce 660 Ti][All Points Bulletin (APB) Reloaded]: The game crashes occasionally,followed by a black/grey/red screen. [1042342]
 [Geforce GTX 680][Red Orchestra 2 Heroes of Stalingrad]: Red-screen crash occurs after exiting the game. [1021046]
 [GeForce 6 series][Final Fantasy XI]: TDR crash occurs in the game when using the Smite of Rage ability. [1037744]
 [SLI][Surround][GeForce GTX Titan][Tomb Raider]: There is corruption in the game and the system hangs when played at high resolution and Ultra or Ultimate settings.[1254359]
 [3D Surround, SLI], GeForce 500 Series: With Surround enabled, all displays may not be activated when selecting Activate All Displays from the NVIDIA Control Panel->Set SLI Configuration page. [905544]
 [SLI][Starcraft II][3D Vision]: The game crashes when run with 3D Vision enabled.[1253206]
 [SLI][GeForce GTX 680][Tomb Raider (2013)]: The game crashes and TDR occurs while running the game at Ultra settings. [1251578]
 [SLI][Starcraft II][3D Vision]: The game crashes when played with 3D Vision and SLI enabled. [1253206]
 [SLI][Call of Duty: Black Ops 2]: The player emblems are not drawn correctly.[1248778]

Windows 8 Fixed Issues
 [3DTV Play]: Various issues, such as desktop corruption, occur with stereoscopic 3D.[1276129]
 [Pinball FX2]: The game crashes when played in high-graphics or high-details mode.[1242295]


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