Xbox one support HEVC 10 bit

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"10-bit HD High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) platform support added
•10-bit HD HEVC enables video streaming apps, like NetFlix, to use lower bandwidth to deliver HD quality video streams. 10-bit Ultra color increases the video color precision from 8-bits to 10-bits - with 8-bits you only get 16 million colors, but with 10-bit Ultra color precision you get 1 billion life-like colors that makes your video more vibrant." ... te-operating-system

By a firmware update
So a new firmware or software can extend the existing AMD cards/APU to support H.265?

2k定4k 10-bit HEVC


So far, AMD has announced its upcoming 6th generation laptop APU with HEVC 4K decoding
For Xbox one, it only capables of 1080p video
Don't know whether it is full hardware decoding or not