LSI MegaRAID SAS 8708ELP / 8708EM2 / 8888ELP New Firmware Release - 03/07/2009


LSI Mega RAID firmware (MegRAID release 3.6)


LSI Logic MegaRAID Firmware Release


Release date: 03/05/09

Supported Controllers:
MegaRAID SAS 8704EM2
MegaRAID SAS 8708EM2
MegaRAID SAS 8880EM2

SAS MegaRAID Firmware Release for MegaRAID 1078 Controllers
Release date: 03/05/09

Version Numbers:       
Current Firmware Package:    11.0.1-0008 (EF-M3)
Current Package Details:     APP-1.40.32-0580_BB-  

Previous Firmware Package:   9.1.1-0013 (EF-M0)
Previous Package Details:    APP-1.40.02-0514_BB-

Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

LSID100106566 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100093647: Stager spin-up funciton
LSID100106621 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100101862: SMARTer with SSD
LSID100106571 (CO) EF maintenance port for CR 95311
LSID100106572 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100101274: Delay between first OOB and detecting devices
LSID100106570 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100094192: Add support for PFA's to SGPIO Backplanes
LSID100106573 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100099745: Add Eagle Ray IDs to HW SAS driver and FW
LSID100106557 (CO) LSID100099920: Please add OEM PnP ID in firmware Change order
LSID100107494 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100100650: Provide the complete Sense data log file
LSID100107661 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100092613: CTO Enable / Disable In MegaRAID Utilites
LSID100107650 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100096547: Implement SMARTCopyBack independent with CopyBack.
LSID100108950 (CO) Auto Generated from PR LSIP200008457 for component
LSID100108955 (CO) Auto Generated from PR LSIP200008897 for component
LSID100099332 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100071361: 4 port version of Ruchbah, PNP ID’s for 8704EM2
LSID100100280 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100093417: support cache configurations >512 i.e. 1G, 4G
LSID100100669 (CO) Creating CO for BBU changes
LSID100101679 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100096252: Modify battery learn cycle message
LSID100106447 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100100223: Black Rock 'Auto Rebuild' change
LSID100100385 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100095261: Performance enhancement. Adjustable IOs/PD ratio
LSID100100371 (DFCT) Copyback retstarts on reboot.
LSID100100708 (DFCT) Use the new PL Version for EF Maintenance 1 SAS1_FW_Ph_13
LSID100101534 (DFCT) Abnormal behavior observed while running Patrol Read on SSD drives.
LSID100100653 (DFCT) Double medium errors during READ
LSID100102001 (DFCT) Code Review Defect
LSID100101619 (DFCT) Debug log fills up with timeout messages when read/write from tape drive
LSID100101127 (DFCT) “OS not found” happens in 1078 HWR when error occurred on the DDF anchor of OS drive.
LSID100108799 (DFCT) “OS not found” happens in 1078 HWR when error occurred on the DDF anchor of OS drive.
LSID100098709 (DFCT) Incorrect Mode setting for SMART by SAS1078 and SAS1068 firmware.
LSID100106539 (DFCT) Do not fail the source drive when LD is degraded
LSID100106647 (DFCT) Performance drop for heavy queue depth random write workloads with SATA/NCQ-only config
LSID100100418 (DFCT) No event sent from firmware when changing MR_CTRL_PROP.SSDSMARTerEnabled
LSID100100595 (DFCT) SAS1078 FW doesn't log "Uncorrectable Medium Error" properly in SAS/SATA RAID0,1,10 environment.
LSID100106489 (DFCT) Possible data integrity issue happens when do the AC power-off after the data(file) write during the rebuild in EFv514 with iBBU.
LSID100106945 (DFCT) Boot messages are not cleared with EFI driver
LSID100102090 (DFCT) Current write cache policy becomes WB in EF FW v514 even battery has not yet completed the initial learn cycle.
LSID100102099 (DFCT) EF v514 FW doesn’t respond in case of detecting Recovery Write Error caused by source medium error during rebuild on RAID6.
LSID100106833 (DFCT) PD status are changed from online to missing
LSID100108800 (DFCT) PD status are changed from online to missing
LSID100102294 (DFCT) FW sending unknown command to HDD when NCQ Enabled which causes montask or drive not detected.
LSID100107245 (DFCT) MegaSCU -AdpEventLog -GetEvents command causes system freeze; genearates infinite size log file
LSID100106733 (DFCT) Long IO problem – this happens after the first boot and take about 1.8-2 sec between IOs Need fix in CR
LSID100102286 (DFCT) VPD page 89h data not correct with Estatoah Falls firmware
LSID100107564 (DFCT) Cache data discard
LSID100107530 (DFCT) The system hit montask while running IO & CC
LSID100107529 (DFCT) SAS1078 FW marks the drive dead even there are errors in SAS/SATA RAID 5/6 configuration. RAID0/1/10 are OK.
LSID100108554 (DFCT) PR next start time is incorrect
LSID100108476 (DFCT) Patrol Read next start time when system down is not following the spec.
LSID100108487 (DFCT) MDC(Make Data Consistent) scheduler is set to weekly in Estatoah Falls firmware.
LSID100106580 (DFCT) ATA-Passthrough using SAT layer - issue with write sector pass through command
LSID100108473 (DFCT) LTO media re-loaded(inserted) automatically due to HWR FW SSU(1B) command.
LSID100109058 (DFCT) FW changes for the CR:LSID100094192
LSID100109082 (DFCT) Official firmware Write Verify retry patch to fix DDF Sense Errors at 1-sec drive-timeout
LSID100108599 (DFCT) Fault LED for HDD Slot #0 on SES enclosure has been turned ON unexpectedly
LSID100108660 (DFCT) no Fault LED turned on when a configured drive was removed
LSID100097100 (DFCT) Read Ahead modes do not vary performance as expected
LSID100099267 (DFCT) SAS1078 FW doesn' t mark the drive dead even there are errors in SAS/SATA RAID 1,10 configuration.
LSID100100195 (DFCT) SAS1078 FW doesn' t mark the drive dead even there are errors in SAS/SATA RAID 1,10 configuration.
LSID100098713 (DFCT) 1078 FW marks SmartCopyBack source drive dead as “Unconfigure&Bad” after completing SMART Copy Back.
LSID100099441 (DFCT) CC starts when factory defaults are set on controller
LSID100099477 (DFCT) BP slot ordering
LSID100099922 (DFCT) Drive marked unconfigured bad after removal/insertion
LSID100100409 (DFCT) EF2: Data miscompare while running IO on Vds of various StripeSize
LSID100099957 (DFCT) DDR min RAS timing should be min() of hw max and DIMM value specified in SPD
LSID100100020 (DFCT) Alarm not fired on Nankang
LSID100100935 (DFCT) Firmware does not monitor battery parameters
LSID100092717 (DFCT) In ARA mode, RA does not work
LSID100098945 (DFCT) Use GPIO1 as CHARGE_COMPLETE indicator
LSID100100520 (DFCT) Improved error handling for Maxim DS2731 charger
LSID100101061 (DFCT) I2C Arbitration issue for 1078 blade controller
LSID100098972 (DFCT) HWR FW marks drive dead after receiving Sense 0x03,11,00 (ECC Error) for recovery write (SCSI CDB 0x2E) using SATA HDD.
LSID100100231 (DFCT) LION battery max error =25% after relearn
LSID100100389 (DFCT) Gap in Read Ahead with RAID 10 and Direct IO
LSID100100651 (DFCT) Zoned out drive in balde DSS generate pop up errors
LSID100101979 (DFCT) Second re-learn does not kick-in
LSID100101574 (DFCT) SATA drives drop off the BUS after PL reset
LSID100083790 (DFCT) Possible data integrity issue happens when do the AC power-off after the data(file) write during the rebuild in EFv514 with iBBU.
LSID100083796 (DFCT) Hitting Data Integrity issue with medium errors on R5 while running remove/insert --> rebuild --> complete
LSID100083858 (DFCT) Possible data integrity issue occurred when reconstruction found uncorrectable media error.
LSID100099592 (DFCT) The keyid is not getting changed after sucessful foreign import.
LSID100095625 (DFCT) 1068 and 1078 exhibit delayed writes (7-8s) during 4k random write workload.
LSID100100480 (DFCT) Credit mismatch error in 1068 and 1078 controllers
LSID100100551 (DFCT) Credit mismatch error in 1068 and 1078 controllers
LSID100100557 (DFCT) Credit mismatch error in 1068 and 1078 controllers
LSID100099308 (DFCT) Battery removed event when battery is still connected
LSID100097851 (DFCT) 1078 FW never sets the next schedule of Patrol Read.
LSID100101515 (DFCT) 1078 FW never sets the next schedule of Patrol Read.
LSID100097925 (DFCT) 1078 FW Patrol Read cannot run in the certain condition.
LSID100101517 (DFCT) 1078 FW Patrol Read cannot run in the certain condition.

LSID100096940 (CO) BIOS support for SAS 2.0 chips
LSID100098684 (CO) UEFI 2.1 deliverables_HWR_SAS_Driver_EFI
LSID100099389 (CO) Add DCMD Passthru support in UEFI driver_HWR_SAS_Driver_EFI
LSID100099390 (CO) Add ATA Pass Through support in UEFI driver_HWR_SAS_Driver_EFI
LSID100100725 (CO) UEFI Dvr shdn't wait if TO for boot msg is finite_HWR_SAS_Driver_EFI
LSID100106852 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100098178: MR-Skinny: MPI support
LSID100107665 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100092613: CTO Enable / Disable In MegaRAID Utilites
LSID100101910 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100098174: MegaRAID Skinny to support: HDD Pass-thru
LSID100108730 (CO) HDD Passthru support in EFI driver_HWR_SAS_Driver_EFI
LSID100056360 (CO) change order to implement change request 55716
LSID100098681 (CO) Add Support to collect firmware memory dumps.
LSID100099187 (DFCT) FW hangs @ BIOS POST after rebooting a system to collect a dump file on multi-controllers environment
LSID100099972 (DFCT) It Doesn't Wait for the user to enter the command, when Cause FW crashdump on the second controller.
LSID100098687 (DFCT) Obtain PD/LD List when Get Next Device function of Passthru is called + Fix logic for getting next LD
LSID100099490 (DFCT) USB mouse does not work in WebBIOS on workstation
LSID100107082 (DFCT) BIOS loops if no PD is connected
LSID100107182 (DFCT) Option ROM returns incorrect number of sectors for virtual disk
LSID100108803 (DFCT) BIOS is unable to find boot partition when installing to a VD
LSID100109319 (DFCT) SS When installing to a VD that is your boot device, it asks you to put system files onto the 1st system PD
LSID100109246 (DFCT) The Connected tape drive is not getting listed in the Bios post screen.
LSID100109609 (DFCT) With FW. package.11.0.1-0007, unable to receive EFI boot messages during post by EFI driver
LSID100054472 (DFCT) 512MB DIMM with dirty cache causes adapter not to POST

LSID100108663 (CO) CR_Ref# LSID100101862: SMARTer with SSD_HWR_SAS_WebBIOS
LSID100102014 (DFCT) uEFI WebBIOS Hangs During an Array Creation
LSID100099988 (DFCT) webbios main window is displaying a box at the bottom which is of no use
LSID100107845 (DFCT) Decimal places of the VD size are not shown when the arrow keys are used to change the size in the 'virtual drive definition'
LSID100108302 (DFCT) webBIOS displays wrong VD size and allows to create VDs of wrong size
LSID100108676 (DFCT) WEBBIOS Configuration Wizard finished with the Error message "Unacceptable size" (proposed size to big)
LSID100101731 (DFCT) Adapter properties page in webBIOS is blank
LSID100107872 (DFCT) porting CR#97825 (Auto config with R5) to EF
LSID100107842 (DFCT) webBIOS accepts VD size that are more than the max VD size that is displayed on 'virtual drive definition' page for RAID 6
LSID100100331 (DFCT) Auto Configuration in BIOS console ignores MFC default settings
LSID100101149 (DFCT) IO Policy always shows as Direct
LSID100101344 (DFCT) Drive Cache Policy should be "Disabled" when OEM number is set to 6.
LSID100107833 (DFCT) Raid 5 is displayed twice on the 'virtual drive definition' page.
LSID100108531 (DFCT) DG Definition screen displays the unit GB twice for PD size.
LSID100107874 (DFCT) Multiple controller support for EFI WB - folder change
LSID100100898 (DFCT) WebBIOS hangs when two Adapters are installed

Use MegaCLI to flash the SAS controllers.  The DOS version of MegaCLI is included
in the zip file.  Windows and Linux MegaCLI can be downloaded from the download
section of

Command syntax:  MegaCli -adpfwflash -f SAS1078_FW_Image.rom -a0

Firmware Download: ...

請注意,此Firmware只適用於LSI MegaRAID SAS 8704ELP、8708ELP、8888ELP等LSI 1078 Base的Raid Card使用,而LSI 8308ELP、8344ELP等LSI 1068 Base的Raid Card絕對不能使用。



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update 左  勁!  個firmware 真係detect 到connect 左既係SSD 唔係harddisk

重多左樣叫SSD guard 既野, 咩黎?

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What time have LSI 8308ELP new firmware


原帖由 wai896 於 2009-3-7 09:52 發表
我都想知呀................ ... ase36_WP_030409.pdf
SSD Guard™
User Benefit(s):
Solid State Drives are renowned for their reliability and performance. SSD Guard™, unique to MegaRAID, increases the reliability of SSDs by automatically copying data from a drive with potential to fail to a designated spare or newly inserted drive. A predictive failure event notification, or S.M.A.R.T command, automatically initiates this rebuild to preserve the data on an SSD whose health or performance falls below par. This new feature will greatly benefit users employing a RAID 0 configuration due to the added data protection.
When enabled in MSM, SSD Guard will protect any and all logical volumes built using SSD devices (figure 6). In figure 7 and figure 8, we see a MegaRAID adapter with a RAID 0 volume built from two solid state disk drives. Should one of these drives fail, data loss would occur. However, since SSD Guard is enabled, the MegaRAID adapter is actively monitoring the status of both SSDs. Should a failure appear to be eminent, the MegaRAID adapter will automatically begin rebuilding data onto a third SSD hot spare. If a hot spare is not present or not assigned to the RAID 0, MSM will recommend that the user insert a hot spare drive into an available slot. Once the drive is inserted, copyback will begin............


原帖由 Dull 於 2009-3-7 08:59 PM 發表 ... ase36_WP_030409.pdf
SSD Guard™
User Benefit(s):
Solid State Drives are renowned for their reliability and performance. SSD Guard™, uni ...

Wow. Raid-0 with hotspare.



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唔該晒!  hot spare for SSD RAID 0 with status monitoring!!!!!


有無8344 firmware?


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有無8344 firmware?

Oh! I make a mistake.

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