HP Smart Array P212 + AMD Motherboard

I install HP Smart Array P212 to my current AMD Motherboard (AsRock)....but halt during boot BIOS

So, i would like to buy a new AMD motherboard for the HP P212

Please help to suggest a AMD motherboard which can use the HP P212

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Did you upgrade the firmware? or

Install an HP Smart Array P212, HP Smart Array P410, or HP Smart Array P411 controller in any of the PCI-Express Slots...

http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsup ... ;objectID=c01916390


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The HP P212 is including 256 MB memory and the firmware version is 2.74.
I try to install the HP P212 in HP DL3xx G6 server and the result is normal.

Is the PCI-E x 16 or PCI-E x 8 slot only support display card (comment AMD motherboard)?
if not, which AMD motherboard can use the HP P212?