如果用兩隻Intel 40GB X25-V 響 ICH10R 上 Build RAID 0 ..

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No, there is no TRIM for SSD in RAID.


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Intel RAID 已經有pass through...

用Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) RAID driver


Intel® Rapid Storage Technology 9.6 supports TRIM in AHCI mode and in RAID mode for drives that are not part of a RAID volume.

A defect was filed to correct the information in the Help file that states that TRIM is supported on RAID volumes.


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    The only new benefit of the new driver is for those who use RAID storage mode

For example, I have two 320GB HDD in RAID 0 on ICH10R, I also have a X25-M on the same ICH10R. The new RST driver will allow me to use TRIM even when the system storage mode is on RAID, not TRIM for two X25-M in RAID.