LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-8i / 9261-8i / 9280-8e New Firmware Release - 05/07/2010

*** 本次乃重大升級及修正版本 ***


LSI Corp. MegaRAID Firmware Release


Release date: 05/05/10

Supported Controllers:

MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i
MegaRAID SAS 9260-8i
MegaRAID SAS 9260DE-8i
MegaRAID SAS 9261-8i
MegaRAID SAS 9280-4i4e
MegaRAID SAS 9280-8e
MegaRAID SAS 9280DE-8e

SAS MegaRAID Firmware Release for MegaRAID Controllers
Release date: 05/05/10

Version Numbers:       
Current Firmware Package:    12.6.0-0017
Current Package Details:     APP-2.60.03-0829_BB-   
Previous Firmware Package:    12.3.0-0022
Previous Package Details:     

Bug Fixes and Enhancements:
Add support for Advanced Software Options from LSI including:
•        LSI MegaRAID CacheCade
•        LSI MegaRAID FastPath
•        LSI MegaRAID Recovery
•        LSI MegaRAID SafeStore

Other firmware enhancements:
LSIP200036035        AEN for CacheCade size change
LSIP200036030        SAS Firmware to store the TTY log into Flash ROM and allow OEM tools to capture it.
LSIP200011688        CacheCade Configuration Management
LSIP200008528        Add the structure in the HWR FW to store the Tape device information.

Firmware bug fixes:
LSIP200044702        10M03 FW goes to megamon when powering on/off 2nd enclosure
LSIP200044921        10M03 FW fails to set mfc value TREAT R1E AS R10
LSIP200053959        After migrating from R6 to R5 the VD IO policy canges from DIO to CIO.
LSIP200018573        CacheCade wording
LSIP200018810        After double rebuild on R6/R60 in a single span with 254 medium errors, one of the rebuilt pds is fa
LSIP200043202        Drives missing show zero capacity during post on Wasat and FW 12.3.0-0022
LSIP200043817        FW goes into Montask when trying to import an invalid Foreign configuration
LSIP200043859        CacheCade properties can be changed using MSM
LSIP200043881        Configurations containg 3 VD's can be imported on Low cost iMR controller with out issues during auto-import.
LSIP200044127        CacheCade is cached for a Secure VD
LSIP200044178        VPD is not working with vendorId/deviceId 1000/0079, SubOem 1,subVendorId/subDeviceId 1000/9280
LSIP200044289        Running io program on 63VD and 1CacheCade caused OCR
LSIP200044342        spinup parameters are hard coded & not used from nvdata
LSIP200044467        Data miscompares reported on 256K optimal R6 VD with special IO
LSIP200044615        Too many unexpected sense events for powered down SATA drives
LSIP200044647        Fix missing changes from 09M11
LSIP200044689        SS 10M01 fw sets wrong defaults for spinupDriveCount and spinupDelay as 0
LSIP200044849        Fix: Compilation errors in MR builds
LSIP200049379        Multiple instances of Rebuild progress are shown when a single drive is rebuilding.
LSIP200049399        When multipath is broken, CLI fails to show information of the remaining ESM if first ESM was removed
LSIP200049426        Incorrect value for MFC enableJBOD setting.
LSIP200049542        Rebuild does not resume but restarts on a reboot.
LSIP200049581        Patrol Read wrongly detects medium error on disk location slot 3 at  PHY 0
LSIP200049635        unexpected sense events for powered down SATA drives with ASC/ASCQ 5e/00
LSIP200049698        FW keeps the "pinned cached snapshot base VD" intact after discarding the pinned cache.
LSIP200049701        FW allows deletion on PiTs on an offline base VD.
LSIP200049822        Change NVDATA to Enable exposeEnclosureDevices
LSIP200049853        Megamon hit while inserting back 15 removed PD.
LSIP200050072        CacheCade : Firmware  fails to import foreign CacheCade VD
LSIP200050074        CacheCade : Firmware shows invalid  CacheCade size when drives are removed from the VD
LSIP200050075        CacheCade : Size of CacheCade VD becomes double after importing the foreign config.
LSIP200050117        Possible data integrity issue when running I/O using special io program
LSIP200050222        Rebuilding PD goes missing after OCR is triggered.
LSIP200050228        CacheCade : Properites of CacheCade VD is showing Secure VD (as Associated VD) in the cache pool.
LSIP200050347        add new wasat device to firmware.
LSIP200050405        After setFactoryDefaults on Wasat, WebBios settings for spinup drive count and spinup delay are wrong
LSIP200050417        CacheCade : Data miscompare on optimal VD''''s with CacheCade after OCR.
LSIP200050428        FW does not fail to add smaller size CacheCade while replacing in CacheCade
LSIP200050433        FW throws wrong capacity (in logical blocks) for CacheCade
LSIP200050450        CacheCade still in Optimal state even after Offlining all the CacheCade Drives in a CacheCade
LSIP200050552        Nvdata build scripts includes iMR files for MR nvdata image & vice versa
LSIP200050748        PL5 FW: FW allows CacheCade drives group to be set as base/repository.
LSIP200050753        CLI sets properties of CacheCade drive group successfully
LSIP200051000        Fix compilation issues after 09M12_Mercury_patch delivery
LSIP200051006        (MegaCli) DHSP is not kick in when VD in degraded state
LSIP200051050        CacheCade : FW fails to Restore the configuration from the saved config file
LSIP200051233        setFactorydef incorrectly changes spinup drive count and spinup delay to 0
LSIP200051245        iMR compilation breaks after 10m03 rebase
LSIP200051255        MSM throws '0x32' error code when choose 'Undo prepare for removal' option
LSIP200051347        Data Miscompare running TAS script with CacheCade
LSIP200051354        BGI doesn't start on Wasat Controller
LSIP200051430        Check in newlib to build dir & fix compilation issues
LSIP200051591        CacheCade : Data miscompare on optimal VD's in CTIO path.
LSIP200051619        HII - Firmware Build Time not displayed eloquently - extra space
LSIP200051838        10M02(v789) SGPIO behavior problem
LSIP200051910        equalization settings for the Niwot REM should be set to 1 to match the Expander
LSIP200051914        LDs are not cacheable under CacheCade
LSIP200052009        JBOD feature is disabled by default
LSIP200052023        Hit Montask During heavy I/O/Rebuild & Power Cycle The Last Enclosure
LSIP200052221        3 Enc with 45 SAS drivers create R0,R1,R5,R6.Stripe 8k through 1MB 64VD,pull power from 3 Enclsoures cause Montask
LSIP200052312        Using Falcon controller with Spin Down HSP enabled, the controller does not spin down the HSP.
LSIP200052325        Fix nvdata setting for iMR cards
LSIP200052429        Rework: special io on a R5 VD fails with data miscompare after last CacheCade drive is removed from a CacheCade
LSIP200052615        Firmware hit MegaMon at line "MonTask: line 1193 in file ../../raid/1078dma.c"
LSIP200052688        Read sas address from SBR only for OEM cards
LSIP200052692        FW does not throw correct size AEN for CacheCade VDs
LSIP200052842        Support for OEM LED functionalities
LSIP200052863        (MegaPCli) unable to load APP from adapter.
LSIP200052874        (MegaPCli)Does not allow to create more than three VD.
LSIP200053172        Defect to check in code review suggestion
LSIP200053271        VPD rom mis spelling INT should be EXT on ROM file.
LSIP200053302        Dummy defect for fixing merge delivery issues
LSIP200053707        OEM XML Files Changes
LSIP200054012        FW does not throw correct size AEN for CacheCade VD while delete other CacheCade
LSIP200054016        FW throws AEN with size in zero and also shows VD ID 255 after delete all CacheCade VDs
LSIP200054501        Change the WB->WT threshold value from 400mah to 600mah for Castor thin board
LSIP200054586        MonTask during IO With a mix of VDs and CacheCade
LSIP200054634        Adding Customer IDs  (2) Functional
LSIP200054639        CacheCade : FW is allowing reconstruction of CacheCade VD by adding SAS drive (MegaCLI tool)
LSIP200055106        Firmware breaks into MegaMon:
LSIP200055449        Firmware 10M03 sometimes found data mismatches when updating the ddf metadata
LSIP200056589        SAS Topology Error when SubVendorID is set to 8086
LSIP200057086        Check in PL 2.20 in 10M03
LSIP200018565        SA#233316769 Fw breaks in megaMon during rebuild MDC with IO load after disabling one expander phy
LSIP200043443        PD fails to be discovered in Electra + 8 SATA HDD environment- RAID5/6 power-on reboot test.
LSIP200054042        FW error after 62  enclosure power cycles

Webbios Enhancements:
LSIP200010074        Improve WebBIOS usability for mouseless operation

Webbios Bug fixes:
LSIP200043785        Defect created to incorporate all the release requirements after migration.
LSIP200044511        Display problem in one of the screens of WebBIOS.
LSIP200044512        Multiple rebuild progress bars shown even when only a single PD is rebuilding.
LSIP200049705        The 'Next' or 'Prev' button in PD properties page of WebBIOS disappears.
LSIP200050462        WebBIOS does not display CacheCade in foreign preview
LSIP200050535        DG “Total Capacity” and “Free Capacity” reporting link is broken in WebBIOS when enableSecurity is disabled
LSIP200051434        CacheCade : WebBIOS shows Rebuild option when PD of a CacheCade VD is offline
LSIP200051436        Screen goes to Physical view after creating CacheCade VD rather than Logical view
LSIP200051438        FW log throws some invalid log, after creating CacheCade VD and scanning the controller in WebBIOS
LSIP200051831        "Select to see next # of drives" link in WebBIOS includes enclosure as a drive
LSIP200052250        Webbios not allowing to remove drives from a CacheCade
LSIP200052252        Instead of CacheCade it shows Disk Group in Webbios while creating CacheCade
LSIP200052633        Unwanted options regarding PiT deletion/Clear snapshot on offline base VD.

BIOS bug fixes:
LSIP200053566        After 10M03 latest FW PKG flash controller POST hangs after controller intialization

Known Limitations:
LSIP200052212        Can’t reboot to the OS after IO on 64 VD and power pull from OS system or power pull from PD enclosure on some systems
LSIP200053889        CacheCade : VD shows optimal even after all PD's in CacheCade VD are offline
LSIP200054445         EFI Driver is becoming Invisible in EFI webBIOS on some systems
LSIP200055327        Patrol Read Time stamp is starting from 0s after a restart.
LSIP200056464        OCE operation does not suspended during hibernation on some systems
LSIP200056637        While alllowBootWithPinnedCache is set to 0 it allows to boot with pinned cache
LSIP200062303        FW detected UNKNOWN speed for some drives

Use MegaCLI to flash the SAS controllers.  The DOS version of MegaCLI is included
in the zip file.  Windows and Linux MegaCLI can be downloaded from the download
section of

Command syntax:  MegaCli -adpfwflash -f mr2108fw.rom -a0

Firmware Download: ...

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mimichu 發表於 2010-5-8 17:53

新增 LSI MegaRAID Advanced Software Options:

I) Enhance Performance
1. LSI MegaRAID FastPath Software
    * Provides a high performance I/O accelerator for SSD arrays connected to a MegaRAID controller.
    * Boosts transactional application throughput.

2. LSI MegaRAID CacheCade Software Pack (Including a high-performance I/O Accelerator)
    * Accelerates I/O performance of HDD arrays while minimizing investments in SSD technology.
    * Can increase performance by over 50x.

II) Advance Data Management and Protection
3. LSI MegaRAID Recovery Software
    * Enhances file and boot-block/volume protection empowering IT administrators.
    * Reduce downtime associated with data retrieval.

4. LSI MegaRAID SafeStore Software
    * Enables Self Encrypting Drive (SED) encryption and helps secure data from unauthorized access.
    * Local key management protects data.


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新增 LSI MegaRAID Advanced Software Options:

I) Enhance Performance
1. LSI MegaRAID FastPath Softw ...
idolclub 發表於 2010-5-10 16:11