LSI MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM) v6.90-05 Released - 05/07/2010


LSI Corp. MegaRAID Storage Manager Release for Windows


Release Date: 05/05/10

Supported Controllers
All MegaRAID SAS Controllers

SAS MegaRAID MSM Windows
Release Date: 05/05/10

Version Numbers:        MSM
Current version                6.90-05
Previous version        6.50-11

Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

Add support for Advanced Software Options from LSI including (when enabled on 926x and 928x controllers):

•        LSI MegaRAID CacheCade
•        LSI MegaRAID FastPath
•        LSI MegaRAID Recovery
•        LSI MegaRAID SafeStore

Other enhancments:
LSIP200037177        MSM Enhancements. MSM summary page
LSIP200036738        Manually starting battery Learn fails
LSIP200034607        Remote system discovery in Client Only installation
LSIP200034465        Adaptive Read Ahead option should be removed from MSM
LSIP200026046        Reduce MSM launch time.
LSIP200012899        Add Tips for Users &Password in the MSM login GUI console.doc
LSIP200012897        Add the identification information for the issue system in the alert email.doc
LSIP200010626        MSM cannot recognize/manage the systems in various subnet masks
LSIP200010368        MSM Enhancement. Help system improvements
LSIP200010075        MSM Enhancement. Simplify key management wizard
LSIP200008316        Need a solution for MSM Access Control in ESXi

Bug fixes:
LSIP200018666        MSM not getting refreshed.As a result, MSM is not able to detect Foreign configuration
LSIP200018733        Virtual drive properties are not updated automatically ,until and unless Refresh  is pressed.
LSIP200018763        Mismatch in the fanspeed rpm values for enclosures in serial console and MSM.
LSIP200018769        Virtual drive properties are not updated automatically ,until and unless Refresh  is pressed.
LSIP200018785        Wrong Mnemonics for "Suggest Security Key tab " for Enable Drive Security .
LSIP200018787        Alt+C hot key is been assigned to two different keys on page Change Security Settings
LSIP200018788        Alt+N hot key is been assigned to two different keys on page Change Security Settings
LSIP200018789        On going operation on VD shows Progress bar when all the drives are in Unconfigured good state
LSIP200018790        Aborting of initialization shows error 0x4
LSIP200018805        fore ground operation bar  sometimes does not update prolerly when cc or rebulid is done
LSIP200018806        The test email feature is not working on MSM
LSIP200018808        The option for creating RAID 1E is active
LSIP200043158        Dashboard- VD and PD operation progress not repainted properly.
LSIP200043285        Patrol Read cannot be started using MSM when media errors are created.
LSIP200043286        The Message is not shown properly in "Enable Snapshot Confirmation window" according to CR
LSIP200043528        MSM screen did not got update when create VD from partial disk
LSIP200043605        Can not upgrade MSM from 09M12 train to 10M02 train
LSIP200044003        The Host does not recognize the systems which are there in the different  subnet.
LSIP200044130        MSM intermitent hang when create HSP from remote system
LSIP200044354        SPARC support for 10M03
LSIP200044783        Remove CacheCade PD under modify CacheCade option doesn’t work in MSM 6.20.00
LSIP200044831        Host Configure Dialog needs to be updated for MSM
LSIP200044850        10M02 :Not able to create Raid volume through "Simple" config in MSM for IR card.
LSIP200044851        In SASIR card i am not able to create RAID 1ME.
LSIP200044853        Dashboard,Number of drives not getting updated.
LSIP200044855        Cannot create Snapshot for MSM
LSIP200044980        Configure Host setting is not saved
LSIP200045022        Spacing problem in one of the screens in MSM.
LSIP200045023        The size shown under 'Free capacity' is wrong. After manual refresh, the issue is solved.
LSIP200049343        'Set learn cycle properties' screen is not displayed completely for lower resolution in RHEL.
LSIP200049375        Framework version mismatch with the version quoted in release note
LSIP200049488        In MSM 6.20-01 after rebuild completed VD still reports as degraded in the Dashboard and in the Profile Summary
LSIP200049520        MSM 6.80-00 does not show the progress of Reconstruction from R5 to R0
LSIP200049530        The Progress Bar tab does not disappear after init is finished.
LSIP200049555        MSM[6.20-01] "Show Progress Window" is not updating properly
LSIP200049695        Spelling mistake in one of the screens of MSM
LSIP200049696        Text alignment problem in one of the dialogue box in MSM
LSIP200049702        MSM has enabled unwanted options to set for an offline base VD.
LSIP200049829        MSM: Operation progress window not updated sometimes
LSIP200049830        MSM: Dashboard, enable alarm/ disable alarm does not get updated. Needs refresh
LSIP200049842        multiple login possible with the ip
LSIP200049939        3 instance of LSI cntrl displayed from remote client for ESXi4.0 LSI dev
LSIP200050076        CacheCade : VD property windows is not updating properly.
LSIP200050429        MSM 6.20.0000 build does not show the associated VDs info for CacheCade
LSIP200050431        MSM 6.20.0000 does not change CacheCade properties (Read, Write, etc policies) if use 'Set VD properties' option
LSIP200050448        MR Monitor wrongly maps the transition state as unknown in SPARC
LSIP200050588        unable to uninstall msm in linux
LSIP200050715        MSM Framework did not start automaticaly when after fresh installation
LSIP200050718        MSM did not update the screen until user manually refesh the screen
LSIP200051234        CacheCade : Modify CacheCade option does not show the previously removed CacheCade drive
LSIP200051253        Manual refresh required in MSM to show 'Clead Bad Blocks' option
LSIP200051610        MSM display goes blank and unresponsive with heavy I/O cases run with automated tool
LSIP200051677        MSM allows to connect to the remote system / Framework.
LSIP200051683        MSM Sparc 6.90-01 : Version of SL JNI build mismatching with the release note.
LSIP200051844        click on the server icon in MSM it will close the current session and opens a new MSM window .
LSIP200051847        in snapshot while creating view,if we give view name with more than 16 character it dosent give popup
LSIP200052612        Unwanted options regarding PiT deletion/Clear snapshot on offline base VD,
LSIP200053055        this is the defect raised againist rework of defect id:LSIP200051846
LSIP200053314        The tool bar icon seperators are not placed properly.
LSIP200053324        Recon starts even though if close the "ModifyDriveGroup-Conf" PopUp by clicking on "x"(close)
LSIP200053337        the color of the key(which is on the controller card) dosent change in dashboard automatically.
LSIP200053349        able to flash firmware in view only mode through dashboard in MSM
LSIP200053350        MSM allows to discover other systems in network if we log off from MSM
LSIP200053499        MSM GUI refresh along with Monitor log updatation fails intermittently on windows-vista -64(bit)
LSIP200055335        when we click on "log off" in MSM it closes.
LSIP200055337        mismatch in the  "storelib" version number while comparing with the release notes.
LSIP200055519        "start" button is active while none of the VD is selected in "group consistency check".
LSIP200055520        all the buttons are in active state when there is no VD in "group initialization"
LSIP200055522        There is no warning message in warning box while importing the foreign configuration
LSIP200055639        Showing inappropriate Raid Level types after adding and removing drives
LSIP200055648        not able to "restore defaults" in "change individual event" window.
LSIP200056399        In MSM PRL11 VD expansion fails with no message
LSIP200043812        MSM Test Email 550 Outbound mail refused

Known Limitations:
Prerequisite for MSM on Win2k8 R2 core server operating system:
Before installing MSM on Win2k8 R2 Core server operating system, Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package must be installed on the target system.
If MS VC++2005 is not installed MSM installation fails. The Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package (x86) installs runtime components of Visual C++ Libraries required to run applications developed with Visual C++.

LSIP200055476        MSM displays wrong message as "Patrol Read disabled"
CacheCade referred to as SSCD in MSM

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