Compatibility issues of SATA3 in SATA2 port (WD 1T WD1002FAEX)

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I buy Asus M4A88TD-M EVO/USB3
with NEC USB3 addon card ... ef6i&templete=2

and at the same time I buy WD 1TB SATA3
and want to have a taste of its "speed"
the new WD1002FAEX crash in 1 week
(cannot boot up xp even after frest install, i suspect a lot of bad sector )
and it take it to Synnex for an exchange (not VST)
and I use another old SATA2

After I got the replaced hard drive
I plug into another motherboard with SATA2 only (intel H55 board)
as backup drive to the existing sata2 drive
and it cause the system a lot of instability (xp hang up without warning
and I remove the hd , everything is ok then)

any ching has experience with such sata3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what should I do to utilize the WD sata3 hd

1. buy a new motherboard with native sata3
2. use MSI motherbroad with SATA2 and set jumper of HD to 3Gbps
3. throw the wd hd to rubbish bin

and can the USB3 card use on other motherboard
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