[raid 卡] LSI MegaRAID SAS 9265-8i/9285 Firmware 23.4.1-0028, Support CCPro2.0 ~04/02/2012


LSI Corp. MegaRAID Firmware Release


Release date: 03/30/12

Supported Controllers:

MegaRAID SAS 9265-8i
MegaRAID SAS 9266-4i
MegaRAID SAS 9266-8i
MegaRAID SAS 9285-8e
MegaRAID SAS 9285CV-8e

SAS MegaRAID Firmware Release for MegaRAID Controllers
Release date: 03/30/12

Version Numbers:       
Current Firmware Package:     23.4.1-0028
Current Package Details:

Previous Firmware Package:    23.1.1-0004 (11M06)
Previous Package Details:

Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

This is a major product refresh with numerous bug fixes and enhancements, including adding CacheCade Pro 2.0 and CacheVault support (if enabled).  Some of the bug fixes and enhancements are provided below.  

LSIP200210748 (CO) USB channel discovery
LSIP200150527 (CO) Add support to pass SMART errors for JBOD drives to MSM
LSIP200186692 (CO) (Define NVDATA bit to allow the capability of enabling/disabling HII
LSIP200209759 (CO) (T-bolt FW and iBBU09 : New bbuMode to support Cell temp 50C or 55C along with 24h DRT and Transp
LSIP200149906 (CO) (LSIP200077381) USB offload implementation
LSIP200230079 (DFCT) FW hit MonTask: line 1221 in file ../../raid/1078dma.c when run I/O and create partition
LSIP200229810 (DFCT) MonTask: line 6613 in file ../../ssd/ssd_cache_fw.c during creation of SSCD.
LSIP200229797 (DFCT) while running IOs on VD using a cachecade WB VD FW goes to megamon
LSIP200229813 (DFCT) Port LSIP200224602 - Hot Spare alarm sounding after 11M08 Phase 4 firmware update
LSIP200229793 (DFCT) Potential data integrity issue while running I/O's on R0 VD with HSP kicking in for rebuild on R1 WB SSCVD

LSIP200185756 (DFCT) It shows PD list during POST with specific OEM number which should not display PD list.
LSIP200018807 (DFCT) BIOS sees extra characters "0%" at end of particular product name
LSIP200187607 (DFCT) FW breaks to Megamon on trigerring an OCR while IO in progress (at line 1212 in file ../../raid/reglockhw.c)
LSIP200187538 (DFCT) OEM controller displays JBOD during controller initialization in BIOS
LSIP200196810 (DFCT) SWR-Macon: After installing the OS, unable to boot from SCU VD
LSIP200199602 (DFCT) FW hangs during POST after flashing new BIOS
LSIP200200358 (DFCT) Doesn't show the JBOD information on BIOS Posting
LSIP200199737 (DFCT) OEM Rack server System posts 'R00' as 'R0' during the reboot
LSIP200210684 (DFCT) Add support in OpROM to load new Ctrl H
LSIP200199163 (DFCT) Legacy BIOS BBS Boot Issues

LSIP200199670 (CO)   End to End Data Protection (EEDP)
LSIP200210408 (DFCT) Forward porting of 11M08 cahnges
LSIP200196987 (DFCT) WebBios: Optimal VDs shown as offline in WebBios when pinned cache is present
LSIP200211567 (DFCT) 1TB support in WebBIOS for CacheCade 2.1
LSIP200211658 (DFCT) Porting 11M08 defects
LSIP200212864 (DFCT) WebBIOS should not display the option of "Always Write Back" for R0 CacheCade VD.
LSIP200221794 (DFCT) Firmware montask when trying to create a snapshot under WebBIOS
LSIP200222321 (DFCT) Porting defect "LSIP200212210:Under page four Global Hotspare for Emergency bleeds into the line under it" to CC2.1
LSIP200186580 (DFCT) Unable to change BBU autolearn policy with supercap present
LSIP200196711 (DFCT) Forword porting of 10M09 defect into 11M08.
LSIP200188240 (DFCT) Porting CC2.0 to 11M08 train

Use MegaCLI to flash the SAS controllers.  MegaCLI can be downloaded from the support and download
section of www.lsi.com

Command syntax:  MegaCli -adpfwflash -f mr2208fw.rom -a0

http://www.lsi.com/downloads/Pub ... e_3.160.15-1559.zip

any new firmware for 9260-8i?


any new firmware for 9260-8i?
TTT 發表於 2012-4-3 00:08



回復 1# idolclub

    Thanks. Firmware updated via MSM.


回復  idolclub

    Thanks. Firmware updated via MSM.
kenn 發表於 2012-4-9 04:46

SSD RAID的最高效能快左少少