[raid 卡] LSI MegaRAID Storage Manager (MSM) 12.05.03 發佈, 支持CCPro 2.0 ~ 06/19/2012

1) LSIP200232643         MSM displays Protected CacheCade feature MSM
1)LSIP200232567            Copy Back Progress String needs to be Modified as a Replace Drive in Progress panels for TB and Invader Cards.
2)LSIP200232427            Wireshark logs says SSLV2 for latest MSM v-
1)LSIP200231801            MR5.3 MSM: Flash size in the controller property is shown as NA for WD card
2)LSIP200232283            UG drive shows emergency hotspare status when Emergency Hotspare for UG drives is disabled.
3)LSIP200232196            Dummy Defect - Resolving compilation error due to merge.
4)LSIP200232022            MSM cannot update latest firmware image due to change in package size
5)LSIP200231367            MSM deletes the VD when select to discard cache from the access blocked VD
6)LSIP200231608            MSM allows user to create SSC VD with more than 512GB but does not provide any warning message
7)LSIP200231870            SNMP Services do Not Restart after System Reboot.
8)LSIP200231819            MR5.3 SNMP/MSM: SNMP displays invalid values for some of the WD attributes
9)LSIP200231868            SSL_STRONG_ENCRYPTION enabled by default
10)LSIP200232414           MSM Does not Allow Configuring DS3 when  DS1 and DS2 is disabled and DS3 is Enabled
11)LSIP200232223           Serial Number displayed wrong while SNMP query for ThunderBolt Controller
12)LSIP200232058           Unable to start PR with Set PR Properties when one of the VDs is in degraded state.
13)LSIP200232268           LDAP Settings not getting saved When MSM is relaunched.
14)LSIP200232215           mfcdefaults should not be NULL check codition is not required for populating Manage power save settings Menu in MSM
15)LSIP200231800           MR5.3 MSM: NVRAM size is displayed as NA though NVRAM is present
16)LSIP200232469           SSL Security needs to be modify
17)LSIP200230839           OCR becomes disabled when changing controller rates in MSM
18)LSIP200232473           Defect to check-in modified readme file for Linux SNMP-IR agent
19)LSIP200230822           Mib version is showing different from the version mentioned in release note.
20)LSIP200232484           MSM displaying copyback in certain areas and should say replace drive.
21)LSIP200232495           MSM is displaying Copyback in events, string to be changed to Replace Drive Operation
1)LSIP200231260                Prepopulated CacheCade VD Name is using different format between VD0 and VD1.
2)LSIP200231690                Error when loading the lsi_adaptersas MIB
3)LSIP200231557                MR5.3: Misspelling of 'acyivation' in MSM's "Activate MR Advance Software..." Window
4)LSIP200231075                MSM CC2.0 warning message is not valid with RAID0 in WB mode
5)LSIP200231261                Prepopulated CacheCade VD name is larger than 15 characters allowed.
1)LSIP200231073                Full init option is available from MSM when creating a PI enabled R60 VD
2)LSIP200230992         (Defer LSIP200230313) MSM/UG drive shows emergency hotspare status when Emergency Hotspare for UG drives is disabled.
3)LSIP200231259         MSM local mode installation can connec to another system with complete installation
4)LSIP200230941         MSM crashed on Windows 2008 R2 when doing a refresh
5)LSIP200231240         MSM monitor configure alert menu has restore default option which does not function correcly.
6)LSIP200231356         MSM reports "Login failed: Exception while login!" when logging into VMWare ESXi 5.0 server
7)LSIP200231056         5.3 Alpha MSM on Linux fails to set CC schedule: "The requested command has invalid arguments"
8)LSIP200231274         MSM does not allow start PR on optimal VD, while another VD is rebuild state.
9)LSIP200230713         (Defer LSIP200225204) Unable to display CopyRight String in Windows SNMP
10LSIP200231078         MSM displays invalid VD number in the AEN when SSD caching is disable on the VD
11)LSIP200230997        MSM does not sort the events by date/time correctly
12)LSIP200231055        MSM fails to restore SSD Caching back to original "Enabled" state after loading original configuration file.
13)LSIP200229461        (RW LSIP200224318) Enclosure Position number is incorrect in MSM after hotplug enclosure to port 4-7
14)LSIP200231455        Remaining Capacity for SuperCaP in SNMP-MIB is different than in MSM
15)LSIP200231241        Pause for password at boot time cannot be disabled from MSM
16)LSIP200231243        Enabled pause for password at boot time is not reported by MSM without restarting the app

1)LSIP200230348        SNMPWalk displaying OID's of only one controller and Copyright is not displayed.
2)LSIP200230397        PD serial numbers are showing incorrect.
3)LSIP200230084        MSM error message for medium error is not clear on which port/drive is having the medium error
4)LSIP200230454        Copyright is missing in SNMP walk.
5)LSIP200230615        lsi_mrdsnmd service does not stop .
6)LSIP200230616        SNMP Crashes with querying of CopyRightinfo .
7)LSIP200229662        MSM always displays "0-0-0" for "Diagnostics Complete Date" on DIF drives
1)LSIP200105050                Get rid of dependency on 3rd party libs
2)LSIP200200133         Limit lower boundary of SSL encryption to 128bit
3)LSIP200200134         Use SSLv3 or hire protocols in MSM
4)LSIP200186835         SLES 11 SP2 support for MegaRAID SAS products
5)LSIP200200340         RHEL 5.8 support for MegaRAID SAS products
6)LSIP200222736         MSM Support for Solaris 11
7)LSIP200222728         Port MSM to JRE 7 for Solaris
8)LSIP200200313         MSM Popup Installation in /etc/profile should change for Solaris 11

1)LSIP200230174         MSM showing "Battery State" as Operational for Non-Operational battery also

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