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唔駛理佢, 錯誤黎

你按F1, 之後search AUX就見:
19. What does the "Aux" temperature shown on the Computer / Sensor page mean?

There is no standard for sensor registers layout, so the "Aux" temperature could show the temperature of the CPU or the motherboard, or might be a non-connected wire of the sensor chip, and so it could show a bogus value.

22. The temperature, voltage or fan rotation values on the Computer / Sensor page are inaccurate. For example, a bogus "Aux" temperature is displayed with a nonsense value; or the CPU and motherboard temperatures are reversed; or the -5V or -12V lines display a completely off positive value. How to make the sensor values more accurate?

Unfortunately there is no standard for sensor chip registers layout, hence in several cases the registers layout that EVEREST uses could fail to be accurate. In such cases please contact us through the Lavalys Discussion Forum, under the "Hardware Monitoring" forum. When you open the new topic, please make sure to indicate the version number of EVEREST you're using, the model of your motherboard; and also copy-paste the full content of the Computer / Sensor page into the new topic you open.


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