Any experience on Campro, Edimax or Planet 1280x1080 IP Cam?

Would like to get an IP Cam for front door entrance/lobby monitoring

Sort of down to three which I found to be most feature rich:

Compro IP540
Planet ICA-HM220W
Edimax IC-7000PTnV2

Both Compro & Planet offer H.264, 1280x1024 w/ IR LED w/ Pan & Tilt.  

The salesman kept 'talking' me into the Edimax, claiming that its a manufacturer w/ lots of expertise in IP Camera and networking equipment, which is a valid point.  But somehow I sort of wish to have the H.264 and IR LED night vision.  

FYI, I have already laid the Cat 5 cable as well as power source.   

Anybody w/ experience in Compro IP540 or the Edimax IC-7000PTnV2?   Good/bad/terrible?