Sole Mio

Very good italian food place in Soho - 47A Elgin Street.

Went last night with 4 World of Warcraft players (one my girlfriend ), and had:
3 appetizers - prawn salad, mushroom salad, cheese with pesto sauce and sliced tomato
2 pizzas - four cheese pizza, parma ham pizza

some of us also had soup - Cream of Wild Mushroom, Pasta Fagioli, and Minestrone

then we each ordered a pasta - 3 had Gnocchi, 1 had Penne in Pink Sauce, and I had Salmon Tagliatelle.

for dessert, Mandarin Orange Sorbet and Lemon Sorbet.

then we each had a shot of Limoncello - vodka infused with lemon and slightly carbonated

strongly recommend:
- Cream of Wild Mushroom soup
- Mushroom Salad
- Salmon Tagliatelle
- Squid Ink bread
- Parma Ham Pizza
- Lemon Sorbet

also had 3.5 bottles of red wine.

comes out to about $600 per person...