A-DATA DDR-2 800MHz 2G Ram          HK$ 189.00         
A-DATA DDR-2 800MHz 2G Ram          HK$ 189.00        
LG GH-22NS40 22X SMulti DVD Writer SATA/盒裝          HK$ 189.00
Mygica X8557 PCI-E DMB-TH 高清數碼電視卡          HK$ 285.00
WD 640GB 6400AAKS SATA II/16MB HDD          HK$ 459.00
ANTEC EA380 EARTHWATTS 380W 火牛          HK$ 380.00  
Case $250
OS:  xp

but, don't know use Intel or AMD is better.  Expect don't want to add the display card.
Intel Pentium Dual-Core E6300 (2.8GHz) CPU/2M BOX 盒裝         
ASRock P43DE P43 M/B                           


AMD AM2 X2 DUAL CORE AD7750WCGH 7750 CPU BOX 盒裝         
ASRock A790GMH/128M AMD 790GX M.ATX M/B         

May i know, which should better ??

if use p43 motherboard
u need to buy VGA card
so AMD is suitable for u


If you don't expect to add a display card, the INTEL one has no onboard display and AMD has a much better performance on HD and the price is more user-friendly. Therefore I would choose AMD instead of INTEL, instead the maximum power consumption is around 150W...so I think a cheaper power supply could be used, such as
Cooler Master XP390 eXtreme Power Plus 390W 火牛          HK$ 238.00


thanks all advise first.

   but,  the AD7750WCGH cpu is enough for use to watch HDTV ? or need buy the more high level cpu ? because use in win sp OS.


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It's totally enough...instead the AMD chipset(790GX) has GPU decoding...thus the CPU usage would be around 10-20%at most...