Acer 1810TZ 跟機Window 7 問題

我打算買1810TZ...見到有VISTA版本同WIN 7版本

問SALE, 佢話WIN 7版本都係32BIT...

另外WIN 7 32BIT 同 64BIT有咩唔同?


The sales gave you the wrong information. Win7 version of 1810TZ is 64bit!

If you buy the vista home premium version with 250G hard disk, then you can only apply for win7 home premium 32bit version...

The performance between 32 and 64 bit on 1810TZ will not be noticeable at all because the machine is not that fast to begin with


咁其實依家應該買vista 版本upgrade
定係直接買win 7版本會好d呢?

希望咁多位指教一下, 謝謝


I bought the vista version with 250G black color for $3998, and then applied for win7 upgrade for another $150.  This is the best deal you can find in HK.

Buf if you don't want any trouble or don't have much time, then just buy the win7 version. Personally, I think its just too expensive for that.


我都有睇過師兄既post, 不過未知依家仲有無3998呢個價....