ASUS notebook 品質如何?

見佢有 2年保 同 可以慳電的 display chips 切換
因想換部 13-14" 的 NB

Are you talking about N82JV (or possibly K42JV)?
I bought a N82JV and been using it for almost a month.

First of all, I must say the service of customer service in Wan Chai is brilliant (have not been to the one in SSP). They are very kind and polite. Perhaps ASUS is not as big as SONY, I feel more comfortable to talk to their staff then SONY's (SONY's CS is good too, just that SONY's gives me more of a business feel, where ASUS's is more friendly).

In terms of product built quality, I owned a SONY FZ as my first ever laptop, and I thought the quality is not too good at that time. But now owning a N82JV as my second, I would say ASUS is not as good as SONY. There are few aspect causing such feeling.

First of all, you might say this is about my bad luck, but the first one I bought had a problematic DVD-ROM where I could not create the recovery disk. Exchanged for another one, but this one has an even worst problem: the motherboard or some kind must be faulty in a way that will cause the power supply to malfunction. Before knowing the exact reason of such a fault, I had exchanged for few sets of power supply but they all broke down after connecting to that laptop. The casing of the laptop is not level either, which means the laptop will wobble when typing. At last I had a final exchanged from ASUS Customer Service and it finally works all right. However the overall impression of ASUS's product remained not good in my mind.

Second quality issue would be the LCD Screen plastic frame which does not hold tight. It because a problem when the DVD ROM is loading disc, as the vibration will cause this loosely fitted frame vibrate and creating a loud and annoying noise.

Last to mention is the quality of LCD screen. As I was used to the SONY LCD screen which is amazingly good, adapting to this N82JV screen became quite difficult as it is simply a lot worse than the former. I did suspect I had this feeling due to the comparison between a well known good LCD brand with an average LCD brand. But I realise later that even my friend's mid-range Acer has a better screen than my current ASUS, which does frustrate me quite a lot.

Otherwise, my N82JV has a good specification and it is well designed. But if I am buying a new laptop, I might go back for a SONY.


用緊asus f80 用左年幾都幾好啊仲


用緊asus f80 用左年幾都幾好啊仲
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