Wanna buy a 17" desktop replacement, pls help

2 options: Lenovo and Asus

Same: i3, sata 5400 1 TB, usb 3.0, dvd writer

Difference: 1.) Lenovo no ssD, only 1tb sata 5400 (add, $1000 with 256 SSD and cloning system to ssd), 1920x1080  mon, 8gb ram, 2 gb display card (forgot the name), but wifi no ac (only $3,999)

2.) Asus built-in 5400 128 ssd +1tb 5400 sata, ac wifi, lower resolution (1600 x1200?) 4 gb ram only, on board display card ($4,999)

有何高見? or any better recommendation! Thanks Thanks