IE8 Hacked...

Internet Explorer 8 hacked
While the web designers were learning the latest in Vegas, Microsoft  officially released  Internet Explorer 8. You can now go to Microsoft's website, and upgrade you web browser.

While this sounds exciting and new, a lot of people say "why bother!" Sure there are new security measuers in place to protect against malware and viruses, but other browsers are already equipped with it, and they're updated more often. At a conference in Vancouver, BC, hackers already succesfully hacked their way into it. They also hacked into Apple's Safari.

If Microsoft wants to stay on top, they're going to have to stay on top of Internet Explorer.

其實世上邊有野 hack 唔到架~
講乜都假...根本d人針對 IE


同一個 Pwn2Own 比賽, Safari, Firefox, IE 都無一倖免喎