Windows 7 - Cannot boot CD - Code: 5 (Solution!!)

Many people has run into the following problem when booting Windows 7:
    CDBOOT: Cannot boot CD - Code: 5

It happens on older PC which doesn't have an updated BIOS.  
I tried to install Windows 7 on my old AMD1900+ with this problem. I searched a lot on the
net and I finally find this solution.  Hope it works for you guys, too!
We can by-pass the problem using a very simple solution

1 - Download the latest software (standard.tar.gz) from the following URL:
        This software boots your PC and analyse your filesystems.
    It displays a graphical menu for you to select which system to boot.
        Intended to replace LILO and Loadlin, written in C with GCC, fully real mode.

2 - Extract the package 'standard.tar.gz' and you will find a file called "full.img.gz".
     Unpack the file 'full.img.gz' and you will get a file called 'floppy.144'

3 - use this image to burn a bootable CD-ROM

4 - Boot from this CD-ROM.

5 - After you reaches a menu, replace the CD-ROM with Windows 7 CD.

6 - Press SPACEBAR to go into setup, press F11,

7 - Press SPACEBAR again to go back to the main menu.  You should see the bootable CD drive in "noemu" mode

8 - Press F1, F2 or F3, whichever represents your CD-ROM drive to boot Windows 7


Hope that helps you guys with old computers.

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