Win7 個畫面縮細左, 請指教

我用 780G 個 display o既,
之前o係 WinXP 時個 ATI CCC 有個 option 係 "over scaling"(好似係咁上下, 唔多記得),
可以拉番大個畫面, 但係依定o係 Win7 個 CCC 上面就搵唔番呢個 option,
請問有冇辦法解決呢 ?
thanks so much.

CCC 上面有個大功能選擇的


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CCC 上面有個大功能選擇的

thanks 先,
不過我都搵過了, 但係都唔見


一定有, 真係好難搵, 細心小小搵就得架喇.



Setting Image Scaling for Digital Flat Panels (DVI)
Image scaling is performed by your digital flat panel or GPU, and can be controlled by the Enable GPU scaling option. When the option is not selected (the default) and the current display mode is reported as supported in the panel's EDID, image scaling is performed by the panel. If the mode is unsupported, scaling is performed by the GPU.

If desired, you can specify a preference for GPU scaling by selecting Enable GPU scaling. Doing so ensures scaling is always performed by the GPU.

1.Based on the navigation system contained in the ATI Catalyst™ Control Center window, do one of the following:
•Navigation menu—From the display palette on the Desktops & Displays page, click the desired digital flat panel, and then click Configure in the context menu that appears.
•Navigation tree—From the tree in the Graphics Settings tab, expand Digital Panel (DVI).
2.Click Attributes.
3.Under Image Scaling, select Enable GPU scaling, and then select the desired setting:
•Maintain aspect ratio—Turns on Ratiometric Expansion and scales the frame buffer horizontally and/or vertically up to the panel size while maintaining the wide-panel aspect ratio of the original mode.
•Scale image to full panel size—Turns on Ratiometric Expansion and scales the frame buffer to fill the panel.
•Use centered timings—Turns off Ratiometric Expansion. If you are using a smaller frame buffer image (800 x 600 resolution) than the native panel resolution, the image displays centered on the panel with black bars around it.
Images are scaled according to the selected option when GPU scaling is used.

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攪掂了, thanks 師兄