Win7 睇香港字問題~~~ 唔知點解有啲睇到, 但有啲又睇唔到

我用緊 win7 ultimate, 雖然係英文版, 但已經裝 windows 7 嘅時候已經 install 曬亞洲語言..
好似"口依" 家個 "口依" 字

但又打到部分香港字wor ... 好似嘅字, 嗰字, 哋字等....

之後我中裝埋 HKSCS 2004, from Microsoft website : ... &DisplayLang=en

p.s 我係去蘋果日報個網頁睇唔到, 用左 Unicode encoding...



You may test the characters using the following links: ... 0&useutf8=false ... 1&useutf8=false ... 8&maxstrokes=10

Besides, do you have PenPower handwriting tablet installed?




好奇怪, WIN7 用 chrome 睇唔到個 0依字, 但IE8就得
但 winxp 仲怪, chrome 睇蘋果日報就睇到個 0依字, 但睇樓上個 test link 就睇唔到...

姑且唔理係 WinXP 個 case, 但如果我想 Win7 Chrome 都睇到個 0依字可以點??


Some people say that Chrome Unicode support is poor.

But to solve this issue, we have to know more about CJK characters.  The Unicode codepoint for character "0依" is U+20D71, which belongs to "CJK Unified Ideographs Extension B".  This subsection is added since Unicode version 3.1.

In order to support Unicode 3.1, the "新細明體" in WinXP has to be updated. ... 0%E5%A5%97%E4%BB%B6
Windows XP:

So, if a browser cannot show a Han character (漢字), it can be the OS or browser that cause the problem.

Besides, in order to type the "new HK characters", you have to use new IME.

嗰: HKSCS code 9DF5 = U+55F0 : CJK Unified Ideograph
0依: HKSCS code 9F4D = U+ED8B in Private Use Area (E000–F8FF) = now in U+20D71 :CJK Unified Ideographs Extension B

HK characters in old OS = difficult to fix...
Third party HKSCS may also conflict with MS HKSCS
So, use new OS if possible...


dckc: Win7已經是最新ver OS,連Ext-B範圍的字都應該正確顯示……

HKSCS 2004是沒必要安裝的……最好uninstall,避免干擾……


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    The 新細明體 (MingLiu) in Win7 is Version 7.0.  But I don't know if that font file contains the character "0依".  But Win7 should support that Unicode code range.  But OS supports "CJK Unified Ideographs Extension B" and "新細明體 v7.0" has every ext B Han characters are two different things.
e.g. new Mac OS supports ext B, but the font file does not have much ext B characters.
Browser choosing the correct font file to display Han characters is also another issue.

Another thing that I don't know is:
Which one did 蘋果日報 use for the character "0依", U+ED8B in PUA OR U+20D71 in Ext B?
Can Win7 IE browser automatically convert the old "0依" in PUA to new codepoint in Ext B?


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    This is just what I guess.  I don't know if I am correct or not.

1. 蘋果日報 uses U+ED8B in PUA for "0依"

2. Win7 IE automatically convert the old code point in PUA to new code point in ext B before rendering the character.  But Chrome cannot.  And the "0依" in Win7 font is U+20D71.

3. You have installed HKSCS pack in WinXP.  So Chrome can display the "0依" in PUA.  But the link I provided has the "0依" in ext B, i.e. U+20D71, which WinXP does not support.  So just ignore the link I provided.