WinRar 3.92 Beta 1

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English (32 bit, 64 bit)

Version 3.92 beta 1

   1. If you start WinRAR command from Explorer context menu in multiple
      monitor configuration, the command dialog will be displayed
      on the same monitor as context menu. In previous versions it was
      always displayed on primary monitor.

   2. WinRAR "Compress and email..." context menu command adds the archive
      name to email subject. Previous versions left the subject blank.

   3. In RAR 3.91 -x switch could also exclude folders from archiving
      even if mask contained wilcard characters and did not contain a path.
      For example, -x*. excluded all those folders, which do not have
      the extension in the name. Now -x switch uses RAR 3.80 approach
      for masks without path, excluding folders only if mask does not
      contain wildcards and matches the folder name exactly.

   4. Bugs fixed:

      a) WinRAR 3.91 reported the incorrect "Unexpected end of archive"
         error, when opening an empty ZIP archive created with
         "New WinRAR ZIP archive" context menu command;

      b) if "Delete archive" option was enabled when unpacking several
         ZIP archives and if one of archives was damaged, WinRAR did not
         delete archives after the damaged one, even if they were unpacked

      c) if file matched two different masks in RarFiles.lst, WinRAR
         could select the last match. Normally, if neither of masks
         is a subset of another, the first match must be chosen.