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>$1 USD
System Mechanic 16.5
1 year license for new customers only

AirParrot 2 (two-pack)
Lifetime licenses, redeemable twice

EaseUS Partition Master

>$5.43 USD

DAEMON Tools Pro 8 Lifetime
Lifetime licenses for up to 3 PCs

Backblaze Online Backup
6 months of unlimited backup, for new users only

3DMark Advanced Edition

我都睇到, 估唔到佢除左game外重有software賣


本帖最後由 buttx 於 2017-2-24 00:09 編輯

AirParrot 2 好似唔錯, 可以mirror 去chromecast, 不過唔記得之前trial version效果係點; chrome 個cast entire screen 麻麻地

另外, 咩叫redeemable twice?