Asus Prime X370-Pro BIOS MOD 0805-1

有高人寫咗個bios mod俾x370 prime,係將原本bios收埋咗同預設咗auto/disabled既功能呈現返出嚟俾你地自己set,唔會影響到將來bios升級,有冇勇士試吓?


You have to flash the Bios over Afudos.
Follow the instructions in the "Readme.pdf" file.
EZ Flash 3 is not working with modded Bios files.

Changlog list:

Bios starts at default in "Advanced Mode"
Removed "My Favorites"
Added VDDP Voltage (Ai Tweaker)
Added SMART Settings (Advanced)
Added C6 Mode (CPU Configuration)
Added Asmedia USB 3.1 Battery Charging Support (Onboard Devices Configuration)
Unlocked full AMD CBS (Advanced)
- Zen Common Options
- DF Common Options
- UMC Common Options
- NBIO Common Options
- FCH Common Options
Added advanced Boot Settings (Boot)

Most important thing should be that you can finally use custom PStates

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btw 全靠呢個BIOS MOD,
終於上到2933 (兩條16GB RAM,1.35V)。