QNAP TS201 有新Beta Firmware (v2.4.0 1023 QPKG-enabled!)



The beta firmware that's QPKG-enabled (also comes with Twonky 4.4.9) is currently out for testing.
Please follow the procedure below in order to enable the QPKG function.

1. Update to the latest beta firmware v2.4.0 build 1023.
2. Install QPKGWebUI component through the 'System Update'.
3. Once install you should be able to see the 'QPKG' section under 'System Tools' -> 'QPKG'.
4. Now you may install MLDonkey or Optware/Ipkg through the QPKG admin screen.

We've first made 2 QPKGs available so far and will add more packages in the near future.

Please note that we have plans to add 'MySQL 5' QPKG addons in the near future in which
the TS-101/201 users will be able to run many php+mysql based web apps, eg, Joomla or
WordPress. Although both of these apps shows 'All NAS Models' supported in the 'Get QPKG'
popup window but they actually DO NOT support installs onto TS-101/201 for now.

Thanks & Enjoy


==== Change log ====
[What's new]
- Added QPKG support
- Twonkymedia updates to v4.4.9


[Bug fix]


[Firmware download]
TS-101 / TS-201

TS-101 / TS-201

[QPKG download]
MLdonkey TS-101 / TS-201
Optware/Ipkg TS-101 / TS-201