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Short Term Review: http://www.meguiars.com/en/autom ... 00-da-power-system/

First of all, hats off to Corey for providing the review format.  It is the best review format I have ever seen.  Second, I would like to thanks Todd of Autopia-carcare to send me the Pinnacle Signature Series II carnauba paste wax as a Xmas gift!  Thanks!

Back in late 2011, Meguiar's announced an innovative concept of using a drill adapting unit to SAFELY polish a car.  The unit is called DA Power System [DA Pwr Sys].  It is called a system because this is not the same adapter you used to have - The rotary action of a drill is converted into a Forced Rotation dual action movement so the chance of burning through the paint is basically eliminated.  The DA Pwr Sys was introduced to the market until the end of 2012 as a 2013 product.

In this short term review we shall take it out for a test drive and see how well it can handle polishing tasks.

Product description (adapted from Michael Stoops, Meguiar's):

Product Attributes:
•Superior, patented engineering
•Heavy duty & multi-function
•For corded 3/8 - 1/2" drills with 1,500 - 2,500 rpms range
•Power System tool w/yellow polishing pad
•A versatile, expandable, paint care platform
•Multi-tasker, not a single-function tool

With this tool, "DA" means both "drill applied" and "dual action", but the dual action is in the form of a forced rotation rather than the free rotating spindle action you might be used to on a polisher like our G110v2. The backing plate is not interchangeable, but the pads are. In fact, the DA Power System makes use of our current line of 4" Soft Buff pads. Drill recommendations are for a corded drill with max speed in the 1500 to 2500 rpm range. The gear reduction ratio in the tool prevents it from spinning at equally high speeds for safety reasons. We also recommend if you have a reversible drill that you use it in the "forward" direction (ie, the setting you would normally use for drilling a hole) rather than "reverse" setting. Most drills run at a slower maximum speed when set to reverse and this will compromise the ability to remove defects from the paint.

The tool is sold with a yellow polishing pad, but no liquid of any kind.
Part Number: G3500
MSRP: $59.99 (tool and one yellow pad)


Solutions: DA Power Packs
At launch, 3 solution-based kits
•Paint correction (compound & cutting pad)
•Paint polishing (polish & polishing pad)
•Wax application (wax & finishing pad)
•More applications to follow

DA Power Packs are solutions to common situations and include both a liquid and pad specific to the need. Each Power Pack contains one pad and one 4 ounce bottle of product.

1. DA Power Pack - Compound
Cutting pad/Ultimate Compound
Part Number: G3501
MSRP: $11.99

2. DA Power Pack - Polishing
Polishing Pad/Ultimate Polish
Part Number: G3502
MSRP: $11.99

3. DA Power Pack - Waxing
Polishing Pad/Ultimate Wax
Part Number: G3503
MSRP: $11.99


Refills: DA Power Pads
Replacement 2-pack of pads
•Cutting (paint correction)
•Polishing (paint polishing)
•Finishing (wax application)
•Interior (carpet & upholstery cleaning)

Additionally, the pads will also be available separately, without their associated liquids, in two packs. Again, these pads are our current 4" Soft Buff cutting, polishing and finishing pads.

1. DA Power Pads - Cutting Pad
Part Number: G3507
MSRP: $13.99

2. DA Power Pads - Polishing Pad
Part Number: G3508
MSRP: $13.99

3. DA Power Pads - Finishing Pad
Part Number: G3509
MSRP: $13.99

The DA Power Pad group includes a pack designed for interior cleaning with the DA Power System tool. Used with products such as our new Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner, or with existing products such as APC and APC+ or any of our leather cleaners and conditioners, this pack will help you speed through carpet and upholstery cleaning. The carpet pad is a large cell foam pad while the upholstery/leather pad is a microfiber disc.

4. DA Power Pads - Interior
1 carpet pad, 1 upholstery/leather pad
Part Number: G3504
MSRP: $13.99

For anyone who has shied away from purchasing a buffer either due to fear of using a power tool on their paint, or even just the cost of acquiring a buffer, this is a great alternative to hand applying these products in order to achieve paint correction. For those of you who already have a buffer but find use of a 4" pad to be a bit unwieldy, this system can be a great addition to your detailing arsenal. You might think that using such a tool on a typical power drill might be a bit unwieldy, too, but it is surprisingly ergonomic. The handle is free to rotate to make accessibility easy, and to be able to move it away from mirrors, antennae, etc when buffing, and it's equally accessible to left handed users and right handed users alike. The forced rotation movement of the tool means vibration is also kept very low, adding to the comfort level when used for extended periods of time.

Check out our Quik Tips Video on this system.

[iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/Ev4XCdQS4Ss" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen][/iframe]

*In my opinion, if extra cutting is needed, you may use the 3" Meguiar's DA MF cutting pad and D300 MF Cutting Compound with the DA Pwr Sys.

Claim (found on Meguiar's product description):
- Start getting pro results at home, with the revolutionary DA Power System
- Dual-action, rotation provides faster and safer results.
- Produces far superior results than mere hand application
- More Shine, Less Time!

1. Packaging: One drill adapter tool with yellow Meguiar's polishing pad already attached.
2. Directions:  I only have the photo with me now.  I will copy the text out later.

3. Construction: Hard plastic surface with a rubbery grip.  Metal gears.
4. Color: black / yellow
5. Size: Less than 9-inch.  Feel very well in hand.

6. Price: USD$59.99
7. Cost: As long as the unit is well maintained, I think this will easily last a decade?
8: Manufacturer: Meguiar's
9: Made in: China

Additional Products used:
1. 2 generic water buckets
2. 2 Grit Guards
3. Chemical Guys Citrus Wash & Gloss, Meguiar's APC+.
4. 1 Lowes Pro Line Grout Sponge
5. 1 Meguiar's Water Magnet
6. 3M Blue Clay & PPLdetailing Spray V3 - Polycharged
7. Meguiar's Swirl X
8. Meguiar's Ultimate Polish
9. Pinnacle Signature Series II Carnauba Wax and Americana HEX applicator

Environmental Conditions:
8-16*C / 46-60F (used in different places)
~50-70% RH
Last wax section: The BMW is garage kept and was Opti-Sealed 2 months ago.  Total mileage is around 1000km / 620 mile.  The PS3 and musical instrument have never been washed or waxed before, but they have never been driven on road either lol.

A photo is worth a thousand words.  We shall see some photos first and rejoin for the pros, cons and verdict.

The DA Power System come in a clear plastic packaging.

Back of the packaging.  Hope you can read the words:

The PS3 cover I was going to polish.

Let's take a closer look:

Mixing shampoo.  CG CWG was used.  It was only 8*C / 46.4F outside and the shampoo is not dissolving well... 25ml of APC+ concentrate was also added.

This is the suds from CG CWG and APC+.

The PS3 cover was foam pre-soaked, strip washed with the Proline Grout Sponge, and dried with Water Magnet.

I clayed the PS3 with warm PPLd V3 lube and genuine 3M mild blue clay.  Now let's see how much swirls are revealed after claying under tungsten garage lighting:

Take it out to fluorescent lighting:

The backind plate has a diameter of just under 3 inch.  Should work well with most 3-4 inch pads on the market.

It was getting late that night so I came back another day for polishing the PS3.  We played with the BMW first.  The owner backed into a wall and someone touched it up and sanded it.  My mission is to buff it to shiny surface.  Not up to my standard but whatever...  Here is how it look before:

Ta-da!  This is after 1 pass of DA Pwr Sys, cordless drill, orange pad, D300.

This is after 2 passes.  DA Pwr Sys took care of the sanding haze easily.

Edit: Someone decided to leave me some scratch on the rock hard Alfa Romeo Blu Mirabeau paint.
Used D300 + orange cutting pad, M205 + white pad.  A few passes and most of the scratches are removed.

We went back to the PS3 another day.  Over view of tools to be used.

Install the DA Pwr Sys as instructed.  You need to insert the whole head into your drill.  When attaching the foam pad to the backing plate, make sure you have it centered.

Prep-ing the pad.

Prime the pad well with Swirl X.

Spread it on PS3.

DA Pwr Sys in action.  Can you see the foam pad moving / motion blur?

Ultimate Polish was used for further refining.  It leave a noticeably deeper look and better finish than Swirl X on black.

Again, spread it well.

PS3 to be waxed using Pinnacle Signature Series II paste wax.  As you can see, the PS3 at the backgroud is nicely polished.


My friend helping me asked if I can polish his musical instrument.  I have absolutely no idea about music stuff but was told this "thing" is made of wood.  I have never worked on wood paint before so I started with UP + black pad.  Spread the polish on.

I polished it 2 times and it turned out nice.  Waxed it with Pinnacle SSII wax and here are the results:

Another angle:

Afterwards, I cleaned all the pads properly.  The stains are removed and they feel / look like brand new!

+1 Powerful enough to remove sanding marks.
+2 Handy, light weight but solidly built and ergonomically designed
+3 Far less vibration than a full size DA
+4 Quiet operation

-1 None I can think of.

1. Is there any maintenance needed for the system?  Do we need to grease it like bicycle chain or other mechanical gear?  If yes, how do we do that?
2. The 3" backing plate cannot be changed so this might cause a problem for some.  Not for me because you should not change it.
3. You can use it with a cordless drill, but the battery will be drained fast so you need a few battery packs in hand.

Before using the DA Power System I actually asked myself "what can you expect from such a small thing?".  Take it out for a test drive and I was amazed by the outcome.  This DA Pwr Sys is a very nice car detailing tool.

In terms of power, DA Pwr Sys is able to remove 3000 grit sanding marks with an underspeed cordless drill easily.  The level of correction is much higher when MF cutting pads and corded drill are used.

Ergonomically, DA Pwr Sys is a joy to use and very effective.  This tool is handy, light weight but solidly built and ergonomically designed.  The side grip makes applying downward pressure so natural.  You really need to hold it in hand and use it to experience this.  This is what all tools in the world should be eh?
And if you have ever used a traditional DA, you know they are noisy and vibrate like no tomorrow.  Your arms will begin to fatique in 3 hours.  This is not the case for DA Pwr Sys.  Its gear unit virtually makes no sound.  All you have is the motor sound of your drill and vibration from paint surface.

There is no direct competition on the market.  The closest tool is probably the Griot Garage 3" DA polisher.  Being cheaper ($95 vs $60) and so versatile (recommended but not necessary for a electricity supply), I will go for the DA Pwr Sys.

Meguiar's hit a home run with this product IMO.  I will not hesitate to buy this if I were to choose again, and I will definitely recommend this to friends.  The power, size and flexibility make it an attractive package!  I will not be polishing without the DA Power System in my arsenal.

Score: 9/10
Highly Recommended.
Questions and comments welcomed.

Side Track 1:
What is the difference between Rotary polisher, Dual Action polisher, Random Orbital polisher and a Forced Rotation DA polisher?

To keep things simple, I will only provide a short answer here today.
A Rotary polisher spin along a fixed axis at high speed.  It is the most powerful tool among all these, but if not handled properly, it will leave holograms or even burn your paint.
99% of the wax shop in HK use a rotary with a wool pad because it is cheap and fast, and the finish is really exceptional because most people dont understand how much damage a rotary can do to your paint if you let those professionals do it:

A Dual Action (DA) or Random Orbital (RO) polisher, on the other hand, does not rotate on 1 fixed axis.  It work like the drawing toy we played when we were small that make your pen move around to draw crossing lines.  Because it does not rotate on a fixed axis, you dont drill down onto the same spot on your paint.  Frictional heat is greatly reduced and your paint will not be burnt or grinded away.

The following photo shows the locus of polishing pad on your paint for the 2 types of machine: Image credit: Dave KG.

For DA vs RO, I had a discussion with the Director of Training of PBMG before regarding the difference between DA and RO, which can be found here:
http://www.autogeekonline.net/fo ... tal.html#post598818

Member josh.hibbler from that forum mentioned:

Originally Posted by josh.hibbler
... a "true" dual action sander has two functions, random orbital and grinder mode. you have to flip a ring on the shaft to switch from one to the other. a lot of da sanders are referred to as such, but not a true dual action sander. ...

While I am not sure if the points he said is right or wrong, this serves as a good reference in future.

In simple words, the terms Dual Action (DA), Orbital, Random Orbital (RO) are loosely used when it come to auto detailing because most likely we do not use the grinding function(?). They basically refer to the same type of machines that vibrates and rotate the pad to create a circular locus of pad that does not repeat itself.

Now, a DA polisher may stop spinning and just vibrating if you apply too much pressure on it.  A pad that is not spinning will not do any correction for you.  So some companies re-designed the DA mechanism and come up with a forced rotation machine, which means the pad is driven to keep rotating.  As far as I know, FLEX 3401, Makita BO6040, Bosch 1250DEVS are example of forced rotation DAs.

Further reading (Another old post by Sir Mike Phillips):
http://www.meguiarsonline.com/fo ... onal-Orbital-Buffer

Side track 2:
You may have probably notice that I used a new wash media to wash the BMW and the PS3 this time.  It is the famous Grout Sponge.  My initial impression with this wash media has been good.  It is very soft when soaked in water, rinses clean and release dirt when dipped in rinse bucket due to the large pores, create a tons of suds as you wash as air is mixed with soap water.  Squeeze it on your car and a lot of soapy water will come out, allowing you to do a pre-soak.  I heard people still on their first sponge after washing 100 dirty cars and not found a grout sponge-induced scratch.

Side track 3:
I used the Hex grip applicator to apply the Pinnacle Paste Wax.  The entire applicator is made of foam, but the contact surface is made of soft, smooth foam, and holding grip is made of firmer foam.  It is so comfortable to hold than those crappy Meguiar's yellow foam applicators.  Color may vary but they work the same.


Side track 4:
The Pinnacle Signature Series II paste wax is one of my all time favourite paste waxes.  It has a soft and buttery texture.  It smell so good you want to eat it instead of spreading on your car.  Application wise this is so easy and removal is even easier it almost come off in the wind!  As you can see, the look is wet, deep, but also classy and sexy.  It is so smooth to touch after a few hours.

----- THE END -----

like!!!!! thanks a lot for this review!!!!

may i know for your cordless drill, how long for each battery last? thanks thanks .



I also wax my home piano with SwissVax Shield.  It also gives a shiny and glossy look.  However, I have not taken any pre and post photo about it.

Sure, home applicants are a good place to use up those unused/disliked detailing products!


wow...... excellent review PPLd
treat the ps3 cover as with your car, full gear in washing, amazing


The da system is really attractive, but seems I can't get it in HK?


Thx, PPLd, great review.

之前剛巧問了 meguiars hk , 佢地話二月頭有動作(會入 da pwr sys), 但價錢未定


回復 4# choi_b


I always treat my home applicant as auto detailing.  I mentioned before ... Medals, metal stands of furniture, LCD TV, monitor, notebook ... etc.

Sure, not everything can go thro all stages of detailing.  But, polish and wax can be applied in most cases!!


it is really something great to learn for those who do not have an electricity supply.  i have a makita cordless drill and this really seems to be worth a try.


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Great review!!!
The PS3 is amazing, I never through that it can be water washed.

Thanks again for the DA power sys
I am preparing a list and pending action after my car is repaired.
Wolfgang Paintwork Polish Enhancer using compound pad
SF4000 using polish pad
Wolfgang Deep Gloss Paint Sealant using wax pad
Would it better to put a wax over the sealant? How about Autoglym HD wax, Does it a good choice?
Thanks for the recommendation.


Thx, PPLd, great review.

之前剛巧問了 meguiars hk , 佢地話二月頭有動作(會入 da pwr sys), 但價錢未定 ...
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如果佢今個月有, 我即刻買黎開年.