Giec BR player 4301 good news!

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HK model can use China website firmware 4305/4308

But 2 problems
The player just reboot rather than off after pressing off button
Need to switch back to BR zone 4 when viewing online programs

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New update again:

Can switch off now
But cannot see online content

Find the cause
HK version need to use A firmware
No dedicated HK version yet


回復 2# AAA1

有無 ching 試過 用哩個 update?


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So after update (4305A/4308A firmware)
Add China network TV function
Sound quality even better
But player cannot be switched off
Need to power off main switch
HK agent Goldbest email not working
China Giec member registration also not working
So no online support yet


回復 4# AAA1

多謝 CHING 報料。

另外,未知新 ge  firmware 開唔開到 DVD ISO 同 BD ISO 呢 ... ?  
BTW... 有網站流傳話 Giec  d 藍光機可以在播 藍光碟 時 外掛字幕... 唔知係咪真呢  ?


No idea
I don't use ISO copy


有無 CHING 用過 GIEC 4301 上 youtube 呢 ? 佢個 adobe flash player 應該太 out 所以 support 唔到... 唔知有無方法搞好佢呢 ?