Linksys WRT1200AC 試用分享感想

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Thank HKEPC for giving out a chance to try this newly-out Linksys Router WRT1200AC.

I have quite a high hope for it but the initial setup costs more time than my expected. To try something different, I have use only my iPad Air 2 to set it up thru Smart-Wifi app. But the short answer is no, at least in my case, and if for the one who knows little about router.

I may try to share my experience in long in page 2 at a later time.

In short, my opinion as follows:
- reset router setting before configuration as the SSID and password is different from what is stated on the quick start guide
- inability of the router to detect the WAN setting automatically. PPPoE is detected but manual configuration to DHCP is required. Besides, mac clone is required. This experience will depend on your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you have a different ISP, you may get a smoother configuration
- expect the Smart-Wifi app to be much feature-rich. But, it is OK for basic configuration

The good:
- from Smart-Wifi app, there is an option to scan QR code to connect to the wireless router. But I have not tried it yet.
- with useful features (wireless configuration, mac filter, parental control to block specific URL by device, prioritization of traffic, etc.) at Smart-Wifi app
- good hardware specification with solid speed performance
- low power with usage around 7W

- refine the Smart-Wifi app to have a clear shortcut to open Safari for more advance configuration
- to support apple device to carry out the Speed Test chosen from menu thru browser (adobe flash is required at the moment)
- to have chinese language to choose for configuration thru browser
- to have vertical stand to save space

I have only tested it in a short period of time. May be there are a lot more to do if it is configured thru browser.

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page 2

In my case, if you let it to do the WAN configuration automatically, it may not be able to detect it properly. So, there is an option for manual configuration.
2015-7-11 22:36

There is no login and password for my ISP. Instead, it should be done via DHCP.
2015-7-11 22:36

The basic layout after login thru browser. The Internet connection is indicated with red.
2015-7-11 22:36

The default page of the Smart-Wifi app. It contains some commonly used features if you swap left or right.
2015-7-11 22:36

I have not tried to add a device thru QR code. I think it may be an interesting and handy feature if no password is required for wifi connection.
2015-7-11 22:36

Finally, I have to done thru manual mode with DHCP and mac clone.
2015-7-11 22:36

Speed test with adobe flash is required. However, mine is an Apple device.
2015-7-11 22:36

Power consumption around 6.8 to 7.2W (under no load).
2015-7-11 22:36


page 3 (to be decided)